Preparing for Coronavirus

Wherever you look at the moment, you will see and hear things about Coronavirus. It is big news and I can completely see why. We are starting to prepare for Coronavirus in our own way. This is what I have decided to do so if you are not doing this then please do not use this as a way to spread hate or nasty comments.

There isn’t much that we really know about Coronavirus. Posts on social media are hard to believe at times so it can become confusing to understand what is truth and what isn’t. Which is why, I am doing what I think is best for my family.

When it was first in the news, I decided to start getting a few extra bits with our normal weekly shop. I guess you could call it mother’s instinct. Seeing something like this in the news and on social media 24/7 sparks some anxiety for me and it helps a lot if I know that I am prepared and being proactive. So far, we don’t know the facts about Coronavirus, it is new and we are still learning and I think that makes my anxiety towards it worse.

I am a Mum to 3 children 5 years and under and I also have a Brother who is poorly as well as having elderly relatives, I want to ensure that I have the situation for us as under control as I can get it. I want to make sure that I have hand wash, household cleaning products and extra food, just in case that we need them whether that be for quarantine or because things become hard to get hold of. I don’t feel as if I can include photos on this blog post though as I don’t want to cause more hate than this post might cause already.


I was shopping the other day and I noticed that the shelves where the household cleaning products should be were empty and there was a sign that told people to only buy 5. But there was not one bottle to buy. It made me realise that I am glad that weeks ago I brought mine and it made me feel good that I had been proactive and my family will have the things that they need.

I have seen posts on social media that seem to shame people who are ‘stockpiling’ and I don’t think that is fair. I wouldn’t really say I am stockpiling. I would say that I am looking out for my family like any parent or family member would do and I don’t think it is fair to get hate for doing so. I don’t agree with clearing shelves but buying enough for you to be happy and feel as if you are helping and preparing you family in the best way especially if you do suffer with anxiety is okay.

Anxiety can make you feel as if you are out of control and with the news and rumours of Coronavirus, it can make you fell 10x worse so if buying a few extra tins for baked beans makes you feel better then do it.

I am and I am open with the fact that I am preparing for myself and my family.

If you need more info on Coronavirus visit the NHS website.


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