Spring 2020 Fashion for Children

Spring is nearly upon us which means that it is time to get those Spring wardrobes sorted for your children! It is my favourite time of year and the clothes are always so beautiful! Floral patterns and brighter colours, it is the season for gorgeous clothes.

I love shopping and I am not afraid to admit it. This is the first spring that I am shopping for a little boy too so that is exciting and I can’t wait to find some gorgeous outfits for Brody. Hopefully with Spring will come some good weather, it feels as if it has been bad weather and rain for the last 6 months so some good sunny weather is very much needed. Fingers crossed that soon enough, we will be able to out of those big thick winter coats away!


There are always a few brands that we go back to time and time again. Their collections come out and there are certain pieces that I just want instantly. Joules is one brand that we love as a family. The clothing is easy to wear, it is bright and colourful and the kids love the designs. The quality is brilliant and I don’t think pricing is too bad either. Another brand is H&M. In the last 6 months, a H&M has opened up not too far away from us so that means that it is more accessible for us. Where as before, it was only online or in store at our nearest city which is 30+ miles away. The clothing at H&M is good quality and the pricing is incredible. Dresses for Elsa and Cleo for as little as £2.99 and outfits for Brody for under £10. It is definitely somewhere to shop if you are looking for bargains. Elsa is really enjoying her clothing from Joe Browns too. A few weeks ago, I noticed that they now sell Children’s clothing so I brought Elsa a few pieces for her birthday and she is loving them. She feels so grown up when she wears them and the designs are very pretty!


For more investment pieces for the season, La Coqueta Kids is the ideal place to shop. Their Spanish baby clothes are beautiful quality and it has a luxury feel. They have clothing for newborn up to 10 years for both Boys and Girls. When ordering, it does feel special. The pieces come wrapped up in tissue paper and in a branded box.  They are a more luxury brand so their prices do reflect this but you know when purchasing that you are getting incredible quality and their pieces are timeless and classic so they can be used again and again for different children or even generations. La Coqueta Kids designs are traditional and they wouldn’t look out of place on a young member of the Royal Family.


Brody has the Grey Brunclo Baby Playsuit   which is priced at £54 and is made from 100% cotton knit so is soft and looks beautiful. This would make a gorgeous gift or even wedding/party outfit for a young baby.

My goal this year is to buy less clothing that has a short life. I want to buy more quality that I know will last and that can be passed down. I want to move away from things like fast fashion and invest more.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the outfit from La Coqueta Kids*

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