Outdoor Fun With Gazillion Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! They are a outdoor staple in our household. Bubbles seem to make the kids so happy and they inspire imaginative play. We tested out a whole load of Gazillion Bubble toys to see what the kids thought of them!

Bubbles make great sensory play and they can be played with both outdoors and indoors (if you are brave enough!) The best thing about bubbles is that any age can join in and enjoy them. They are a toy that has brought so much happiness for generations and there must be some incredible family memories which include bubbles. Gazillion Bubbles are a well known brand and you are guaranteed lots of bubble fun when using their brand. They can be purchased from Tesco so can be picked up when you go in for your weekly shop or they can be added to your trolley when doing an online shop and delivered straight to your door.

In our Gazillion kit we received a MegaBubble Blaster, Tornado Bubble Machine, Giant Incredibble Wand and a 2L Giant Solution. We have had the Tornado Bubble Machine in the past and the kids loved it in the summer and we used it until it was on its last legs so we are very happy that we have another one for this year. Playing with bubbles in the garden is great for siblings and families to have active clean fun as well as bringing so much joy to playtime.

With the weather starting to get better and the sun about to finally make an appearance, it is time to get those outdoors out and get prepared for hours of keeping the kids entertained. Having a good collection of bubble toys takes up little space, is inexpensive and great for the imagination. The Tornado Bubble Machine works better outdoors. The bubble wands go round in the circle to create hundreds and hundreds of bubbles with no effort. It is easy to set up and clean when you are finished. It would also be great for children’s parties!

The MegaBubble Blaster and Giant Incredibubble wand are so much fun! Both make huge bubbles! The MegaBubble Blaster looks like a regular bubble gun but it creates giant bubbles with ease. The battery powder blaster holds a small bottle of bubbles so you don’t have to keep worrying about spillages or refills. Lots of fun but I think our favourite has to be the Incredibubble wand. This bubble wand creates what can only be described as toddler sized bubbles! We had loads of fun taking photos of the bubbles over our heads in the house. While outdoors we created bubbles that were huge! The Incredibubble does not require bubbles. You just fill up the tray and play and if you use with the 2L Giant Bubble Solution, you are sure to get huge bubbles!

We love playing with Gazillion bubbles and it is a brand that we know we can trust to be good quality and that the kids will love summer after summer.

You can purchase Gazillion Bubbles from Tesco


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Gazillion Bubble toys in exchange for a review*

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