Easter Gift Guide

It is nearly Easter! Which means lovely food, hot cross buns and of course chocolate but if you are looking for something to gift that isn’t the traditional chocolate egg then this is the post for you.

For kids this Easter it is easy to buy mountains of chocolate eggs and we all love  chocolate but if you are looking for something a bit different and something that lasts longer then the Playmobil Easter egg might be an ideal gift. They are priced at £4.99 so a similar price to a chocolate egg. There are 4 different coloured Playmobil eggs to choose from. The pink egg contains a diner waitress set, the blue egg contains a police officer and dog, the green egg contains a maiden with geese and the red egg contains a knight with a cannon. So there is an egg for every child and they can be played with after the Easter holiday! They are available from Playmobil.co.uk

If you are looking to gift yourself or a loved one something a bit different then you might like the next few items. For gin lovers (myself included!) then Mermaid Gin makes an amazing gift! Both the original and the pink versions. I have both varieties and the pink is a firm favourite. It is infused with Isle of Wight strawberries and as well as a a blend of lemon zest and fragrant rock samphire. It is known as mermaids kiss which is where the gins name comes from. It is available from Master of Malt  and is priced at £40.


If relaxation is a gift that you would like to give then Love Leggings might just be the perfect gift. I have spoken about Love Leggings on my blog before. They are great quality and a good price. They have a variety of leggings too: Everyday, Curve, Maternity, Sports, Tights as well as Children’s. They are available from loveleggings.com and prices start from £8 for children’s and £13.50 for women’s.

20200317_094556(0) (1).jpg

For relaxation and me time there is also Byre Bodycare. They are a range of luxury British bodycare that contains 96% natural ingredients including sweet whey powder which comes from British cows. They are a creamy formula which leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. The bodycare is made from the waste products of milk and cheese so normally whey would be thrown away. Annually 870,000 tonnes of whey is thrown away so it is incredible that Byre have created a beautiful product from something that would otherwise be wasted. Byre Bodycare is available from Sainsburys and is priced at £5.


Beauty lovers would love Mad Beauty products. There products are lovely quality and the price point and great too. Mad Beauty have Disney, Barbie and Hello Kitty beauty products too so they have something for everyone. They sell everything from make up to nail products to brushes. They are available from madbeauty.com  and the products in the photo below are priced at £9.99 for the perfume and hand care set is £4.99.


I couldn’t do this gift guide without including a little bit of chocolate could I?! One of our favourite chocolate brands is Guylian and this year they have 3 different Easter eggs. They are priced from £4 – £8 and they are available from a wide range of stores. All eggs contain the famous Belgian chocolate seahorses and who doesn’t love them?!  The egg in the picture below is priced at £4 and contains a chocolate egg as well as a 6 pack of Guylian seashells.



Disclaimer – All of these products were kindly gifted.

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