Wordsearch Junior Game Review

Trying to keep the children entertained can be hard at times and we don’t want to always have them in front of a screen and we want the things they play with to be educational if possible. It is 2 birds with 1 stone in a way if what your children play with is also helping and encouraging them to learn.

Wordsearch Junior is a fun way for children to learn reading skills and to keep their little brains busy without them realising it. They think they are playing a fun board game when in fact they are playing an educational game.

The game is designed so that your child can play on their own or with you and friends. There are 4 different coloured counters so up to 4 people can play at once. It is suitable from around 4 years and there are 3 different levels of difficulty:

  • Blue -the easiest level – search for 3 pictures
  • Red – the medium level – search for the picture that goes along with the word to make finding the word easier
  • Green – the hardest level – just words no pictures

The board itself turns to revel what to look for next. The person who wins is the person with the most counters on the board once all the words have been found.

We have been playing this game for a little while now and Elsa is really enjoying it. I like doing wordsearch games too, it can be a calm activity to do if you just need 5 minutes and I feel like this Wordsearch Junior could work the same way for children too. It would make the perfect down time quiet time game for your children to play on their own or with their family. Elsa is 5 years old and she can do the blue cards on her own, the red cards with a little help and we are working on the green cards. It is helping her recognise letters and it is helping her with reading and spelling. The words to find are perfect for primary school age children and this game works well with learning phonics too.


Wordsearch Junior is available from online retails such as Very and is priced at £22.99


Disclaimer – We were kindly sent Wordsearch Junior in exchange for a blog post review

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