Relax! A guide on how to help relaxation at home!

It is so important to take time out for yourself. As a parent it is easy to forget to do so, we seem to work so hard and forget about ourselves. There is no better time than now to change that though and even if it is just 5 minutes, it all helps with making you feel more human and just yourself again.

There are certain things that we can do to help relaxation at home. I find just taking time out to scroll through my social media, to some it may be a waste of time but watching 5 minutes of silly TikTok videos makes me laugh and gives me time to myself. I think that goes for any social media platform too.

A must have for relaxation at home is definitely comfy clothes. There is no better feeling than to change out of your day clothes in to your comfy clothes. We have been relaxing at home whilst wearing TOG 24 loungewear. TOG 24 have a brilliant range of loungewear and Jonny and I have been relaxing in a few of their pieces.


I have the Juna Cardigan and it is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa or wearing out and about on a colder day. Even though you could wear it out, it is definitely my comfy snuggly cardigan. Jonny has the Stowgate Hoody for lounging around the house. I might be tempted to pinch it off him though as it is such a lovely hoody for relaxing. The quality of TOG 24 clothing is amazing and they sell clothing for Men, Women and children. If you are in the market for comfy clothing for relaxing  then definitely give TOG 24 loungewear a look!

There are so many things that you can do to relax and have me time at home so I decided to ask fellow parent bloggers for tips on how to relax:

Make sure you take time out for you. That might be half an hour in the garden, a long bath or an early night. – Me, him, the dog and a baby!

I play the piano so for me, getting a chance to sit at it (with no children nearby) and being able to just drift away in song helps me to really unwind. It’s amazing how quickly it brings down my heartrate and calms me. I also find this with singing too. – Emma Reed

It’s relaxing to take some time for yourself to pursue an interest that you don’t usually have the time for! I’ve been reading a lot more lately and starting to use my sewing machine again. The latter is also a confidence boost as I get such a sense of achievement from it as I experience successes and learn how to do new things! – Autumn’s Mummy

You cannot beat a soak in the bath and a good book! – Raising Harry

Try something new! I’m coparenting my four year old through all this but when he’s with his dad I’m studying a distance learning course in counselling to keep my mind busy and active on something positive. I’m also enjoying a spot of adult colouring, which I can do whilst my child is colouring stuff too! – Gluing Cheese

Get crafty! Doing something productive with my hands always helps me relax, and you can get the kids involved too! I’ve been making Easter decorations for the house, to try and make things special for this weekend despite everything. – Dove Cottage Blog


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted items from TOG 24 in exchange for a feature in this blog post *

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