Being Creative With Blume Dolls!

I have been seeing Blume dolls in the shops for a few months now and I always thought they looked like something that Elsa and Cleo would like to play with. So finally we are playing with them and seeing what we think as well as finding out how creative we can be with Blume!

So what are Blume dolls?

If you haven’t seen Blume before, they are dolls that come packaged in a flower pot and uniquely, you water them and they grow out of the pot. When I have seen them before, I have always thought that it is a brilliant idea for a toy. It is something that we haven’t seen before and not to mention that my daughters would love to play with them.

We gave the Blume Doll series 2 and the Blume Baby Pop series 1 a go. The Baby Pops don’t grow out of their planter but they are still gardening themed and you pop them out instead of watering them. A bit like how you would pull a carrot out the ground. When you pull them out quickly, they make a pop noise. You then unscrew the sprout to find either 3, 4 or 5 babies. Although 3 babies are guaranteed. Each baby comes wrapped in a swaddle and they have a colour changing nappies which when dipped in water reveals the gender of your baby. But that isn’t where the fun stops. There are 25 surprises to find and the planter transforms in to a play set. The bottom comes off to reveal a nursery and the lid turns in to a swimming pool with slide for your babies. Within the nursery there are surprises. We got a high chair, a lady bird swaddle and smaller accessories as well as animals. There are 5 different nursery themes that you could get, we got the Llama nursery.

Elsa and Cleo got 2 boys and 1 girl baby and lots of surprises to go with them. They LOVED the swimming pool planter lid and slide. It made great outdoor fun to as it didn’t matter if they got wet either. The nursery makes a great playset and there seems to be so much that you can do with the whole Blume Baby Pop set.

They also played with the Blume Doll series 2. These are the dolls that you water with a cute little watering can which is included. The dolls comes in a plant pot which has a special lid that when wet then breaks to allow the doll to ‘grow’ out of the pot. a lot like a flower. Once the dolls has finished growing, you can take her out to reveal more surprises. There are 10+ surprises in a Blume doll and there are 22 to collect.

This is such a unique toy to play with! Elsa and Cleo really enjoyed watching her grow out of the plant pot and once again featured water play which they love anyway. Once to doll is out of the plant pot, you can play with her along side the Baby Pops. They create hours of fun but that isn’t where the fun stopped for us.

The Baby Pop play set was great at being multi-purpose with being a nursery, swimming pool and baby pop storage but we thought of other ways that you could repurpose the Blume Doll plant pot.

The plant pot is a good size and could be used for a number of things such as pencil pot or to decorate your room with but we decided that they way that we wanted to do it was to turn it in to a plant pot for cress. We decorated the pot with animals stickers, added the soil then planted our seeds. The weather has been great so we then placed it outside and within a few day, the seeds had started to sprout and we had cress growing. Cress is really easy to grow and it is fun for children to have there own go at gardening.

Blume make hours of fun. Whether that is with the toys themselves or what the packaging is repurposed as afterwards. We can’t wait to grow something else in our Blume Doll plant pot, sunflowers maybe!

Blume Dolls are priced at £8 and the Blume Baby Pop is priced at £15 and they are available from Very, Smyths and Amazon.




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