My Daughter Isn’t Going Back To School Any Time Soon & Here Is Why!

I thought it was time to address the school sized elephant that I feel like is in the room.

You may have seen that I spoke to The Sun newspaper about this topic and I have received a huge amount of support and so many other parents agree with me but I thought that I haven’t actually spoken about it on my blog. I have made the decision that Elsa will not be returning to school until I deem it safe in light of the whole Covid-19 situation.

For the most part, many people have agreed with me. Even people with no children and Grandparents have written to me and said that they wouldn’t be happy with their Grandchildren going back to school in the near future.

As everyone is aware, at the moment all of the schools are close unless you are a key worker and have children, then they are able to attend. There has been talk of the schools reopening in May which would be around 6 weeks after the lockdown was announced. I am not one to talk about politics and it isn’t something that I want to discuss on my blog but I don’t agree with the schools reopening in May.


If they do reopen, Elsa will not be attending and I am happy to openly say that and explain why. A week before lockdown I decided that Elsa wouldn’t be going to school. It was a easy decision to make to be honest and I went off how we felt as a family. No one knows your children like you do and there hasn’t been a situation like this before. We are experiencing a worldwide pandemic. It is not something that any of us thought we would ever go through. I feel as if we have to go off how we feel and what is best for us. People can have their opinions and the government will announce measures and what they think is best for the schools  but that doesn’t meant that as a parent that you agree with what they say.

I want to feel as if Elsa is safe to go to school. Elsa loves school and I spoke about homeschooling  or crisis learning as we like to call it now. She understands what is going on and she know that we have to stay home to save lives and to help the NHS. I am honest with her and she likes it that way. She like to know the facts, she isn’t silly and she knows that there are things going on and she knows that myself and her Dad are worried. She has gone from seeing family everyday to not leaving the house at all and having to talk through a screen. It is a worrying time and it isn’t a normal situation.

I have been feeling anxiety, just like 99% of people at the moment. Elsa not being at school has definitely helped with easing a certain amount of anxiety. It just seems like one less thing to worry about. Which is why I am happy to keep her at home until I feel like it is safe. So far we have been in the house for 4 weeks, she hasn’t left the house. I think that is a waste of time, if I just send her school when this pandemic is still happening. She could go once and catch it and I would never forgive myself, when I could of kept her completely safe at home.

This is my views and not everyone will agree and maybe I would feel differently if Elsa was GCSE age. Everyone has their own opinion on this but I think we all have to go with what is best for us.

I hope everyone is staying safe!

You can read my article from The Sun here


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