My Netflix Favourites – April 2020

I have been wanting to write a post like this for a while now and for some reason, I just never got round to it. Seeing what other people recommend on Netflix, I find is so interesting. There are some brilliant shows and films on there and sometimes you might go straight past something that is perfect viewing for yourself but we just don’t watch it. We might not realise that we would really enjoy it and who has time to personally watch EVERY show on Netflix to see if we like it or not?! Which is why every couple of months, I am going to be writing about what I have watched and what shows are my favourites!

These are the shows for this month:

  • Circle – Film – This film is so strange.  I would class it as a thriller but it isn’t scary. When it ended I had a lot of questions! It is about a group of people who are made to stand in a circle and they have to vote on who dies next. You find out a lot about the characters and there are some twists but there was times where I did ask myself, why am I watching this? I couldn’t stop watching though and it is a film that you can stick on if you have no idea what to watch.
  • Tiger King – Series – Could I really write this list without including this show?! I think everyone has watch this now but if you haven’t then I suggest you head over to Netflix and give it a watch. It is definitely a show that you will binge watch so be aware of that. It follows the life of Joe Exotic and his tigers as well as other people that have big cats as pets. oh and Carole Baskin killed her husband. What do you think?!
  • Broken – Series – So far I have watched 2 episodes of Broken. It is a documentary about the world behind certain products. The first episode that I watched was about the world of fake make up. If you have ever thought about purchasing fake make up then you should watch this episode. It is scary and it shows you the ins and outs of how dangerous it can be.
  • Glee – Series – Yes, I rewatched all of Glee. It took me a little while but I have wanted to do it for so long! It is a go too series! It is fun and is just so feel good! I love it so much!
  • Ru Paul All Stars  – Series – So far I have watched the majority of series 4 of Ru Paul All Stars. I have watched the regular series but this one is the best of the best. It is brilliant to watch my favourite queens again! It is so entertaining!

What are you loving on Netflix at the moment? I would love to hear about it!


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