Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style Review

If you have read my blog, you will know that we LOVE Hatchimals! Elsa had the opportunity to review the new Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style and of course, she had to! Here is what she thought…

Hatchimals is what I would now call a toy ’empire’. There are so many varieties and Spin Master seem to come out with new and exciting Hatchimals toys all the time. Which is great for us as Elsa loves Hatchimals. She has reviewed Hatchimals  on the blog before and now it is time to talk about the new Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style.


Unlike the Hatchimals Elsa has played with before, these ones are pixies instead of animals and who doesn’t love magical pixies?!

The Hatchimal Pixie Vacay Style dolls are dressed in gorgeous outfits that are inspired by places they have visited in the world.  There are 5 to collect: Wishing Willow, Lilac Lacey, Sunshine Sara, Meadow Maddie and Glittering Gracie. 1 in 10 will also include a little pet stowaway! The Hatchimals Pixies come with 3 suitcases of different sizes. The 2 smallest ones include accessories and open like the original Hatchimals eggs. You have to warm them up and then crack them open. The largest suitcase opens with up and can be closed again, this one includes the Pixie. It is great for storing your pixie and accessories after opening them.

What is included?

  • 1 Hatchimal Pixie
  • 1 Display Stand
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 3 Accessories
  • 1 Suitcase
  • 2 Crackable Carry ons
  • 1 Passport checklist
  • Instruction Sheet

Elsa wanted the Glittering Gracie Pixie from Tokyo and she was very happy to discover that she did in fact have that one.  Glittering Gracie comes with her very own selfie stick and hand bag. We didn’t receive a stowaway pet but Elsa didn’t mind. The Pixie Doll comes with a display stand and a checklist so you can keep track of which Pixies you have collected. She loved how bright and colourful the Pixie was and she thought the wingers were very pretty. Elsa wants to collect more now!

The Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style make a great addition to the Hatchimal world and you can easily play with these along with the original Hatchimals Colleggtables.

Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style are priced at £8.99 and are available at various online toy retailers and Amazon.


Disclaimer – We were gifted a Hatchimals Pixie Vacay in exchange for a blog post

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