6 Weeks In Lockdown – What Have I Learnt?

So it has been 6 weeks since the Government announced that we would be in lockdown in the hope to save the NHS and to keep this pandemic under control. In those 6 weeks, I haven’t left the house and neither have the kids. The furthest we have been is the garden. But what have we learnt over the last 6 weeks?

This time in our lives isn’t something that we ever thought would happen and some days, I feel ok and others, I can’t understand why this is happening and it all just feels too much. Those are the days where I just want to eat junk food and stay in bed all day. With Jonny being home all the time now, it is handy for when I have these days. I am able to rest and take some me time. I am grateful for that.

I have learnt that it is ok to not have good days but at the same time, it is ok to feel good some days. We are spending so much time as a family that we wouldn’t normally have so it is a silver lining to this whole situation.

With all this time, I have been trying to work on writing and on recording videos for YouTube and social media. I am learning more about editing and the world of YouTube and that is down to the fact that I now have time to discover new things. Make up is another thing that I am getting in to again. It all comes down to time. It is good to be creative and it is good to just be lazy some days.

I have learnt that I can be creative and I can be lazy. I can spend hours on a video or I can spend hours watching Netflix. Either way, it is time well spent and not wasted. This is not a productivity contest, it is a global pandemic.

Time goes so quickly. There are things that we take for granted and there are things that we would have missed by just going about our day to day lives. Our lives go by so fast and the kids grow up so quickly that we blink and can miss important milestones in our lives. Time with the kids is precious.

I have learnt that we should use this time to create memories. I hope that my children have memories with us at home instead of scary memories of when they lived through a pandemic. This will always be part of their life but I want the good times to be more prominent in their minds than the news of the pandemic!

I have learnt to be kind to myself and see the happiness in this time of our lives.


One thought on “6 Weeks In Lockdown – What Have I Learnt?

  1. I’ve found that the lack of events/excursions makes it seem like the time is going faster too x


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