I Am Fed Up, Tired and Just Want Normality!

I had a lovely flat lay photo that I was going to share today over on my social media but I’ve decided not to. I’ve decided to keep it real for a second. I’m fed up and tired.
I’m fed up of being in the house, 7 weeks tomorrow ( not like I’m counting). I’m fed up of not seeing family. I’m fed up of watching my neighbours have people round when I haven’t left my home in 7 weeks. I’m tired of the same day over and over again.
I’m tired of waiting for the day when we can go out. I’m tired of trying to be the person that is doing ok during a pandemic.

I’m fed up of feeling guilty for using an online delivery slot when someone might need one. I’m fed up of logging in to my social media to see nothing but negativity. I’m fed up of seeing people attack the governments decisions when we have no idea what to do in a situation like this. No one knows what to do.

I’m tired of having to home school. I’m tired of waking up in the morning to the same 4 walls. I’m tired of being scared of taking my children out because of this invisible enemy. To be honest, I’m tired. Physically tired, you don’t realise that not doing anything can actually tire you out. I want adventure and plans and things to look forward too.

I just want some kind of normality. Even if it isn’t the same life we had before all of this.


One thought on “I Am Fed Up, Tired and Just Want Normality!

  1. Hii

    I know exactly where you come, I’m also very grateful that I can be home with the kids despite the circumstances. There are many people that couldn’t stay home because of their jobs, I have been more than 7 weeks home because before all of this I decided to take 2 weeks vacation. I really hope all of this passes by fast and we all can stay safe and happy.

    Sending much love and light!


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