My Netflix Favourites – May 2020

Time for my Netflix favourites for May! If you haven’t read my April favourites then give that a read too. This list my favourite things that I have watched on Netflix over the past month or so. We don’t have time to watch everything on Netflix so I love reading what other people have been watching so I can decide what to watch next.

Here are my May Netflix favourites:

  • Selling Sunset – Series – I had seen so many people on social media saying that Selling Sunset is a great series to watch and they are not wrong. I first thought it was just about a company in Hollywood selling houses worth millions and millions of dollars but it is more than that. It is a reality TV show which follows the lives of the employees of the company. It is a binge watch show! I watched all the episodes in a few days and I can’t wait for the next season to come out.
  • The Big Flower Fight – Series – Not something I would normally watch but again I saw so many people talking about it so I decided to watch it and I actually really enjoyed it. Basically the contestants have to make art using flowers and the work they end up making is incredible! I don’t understand how they managed to make such amazing art work using flowers and plants! I really hope they do a second series.
  • Skin Wars – Series – There seems to be a lot of series in the list this month and Skin Wars was another one that I watched in a short space of time. It is a show about body painting and the incredible art work that these artist create. I was so inspired by this show but there is no way that I have the talent to create things like they do! Also Ru Paul is a judge in Skin Wars which is why I started watching it in the first place!
  • White Lines – Series – This has to be my favourite watch of this month by far! If you haven’t watched White Lines yet then go and do it now! I won’t give anything away but it is about a Woman who goes to Ibiza to learn what happened to her Brother. It is an incredible series and I am hoping so much for a second series!
  • The I-Land – Series – We watched this one by chance, we just decided to watch The I-Land and I am glad we did. It is a mixture of Lost and a Si-Fi series. It can be hard to follow and it is a blink and you will miss it show at bits but if you are a Lost fan the you will like this show.

The one thing that I can take from this month is that I have watched more series than anything else!

What have you been watching on Netflix?


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