Discovering Super Wings!

Over the last few weeks, Elsa and Cleo have been discovering Super Wings toys and the amazing positive messages that the episodes include. They have been watching Super Wings over on Cartoonito & TinyPop! The Episodes follow Jett as he flies across the Globe to visit Children in different counties but on his journeys, he encounters problems and needs help from his friends and together they solve the problems!

Super Wings is a super fun show that is perfect for preschool age children and it is full of positive messages, problem solving, team work and cultural diversity. They encourage children to work together and to show children from a young age the world we live in.


Super Wings aren’t just regular aeroplanes. They have the ability to transform in to amazing heroes that can climb, lift, dig, run and even dive deep in to the ocean!

As the show is such a huge hit in our house, the kids were really excited to test out a few toys. They received the Rescue Riders Playset, 2 transforming vehicles, 4 blind bags and the newest edition of the Super Wings magazine. The toys are available from Smyths Toys.

Rescue Riders Playset

This playset includes a large Sparky the Fire Engine and Zoe, an exclusive Super Wings character that comes with this playset. Sparky has lights and sounds as well as an extendable ladder. This playset is also compatible with the transforming vehicles. Elsa and Cleo were very impressed when they first saw Sparky, they didn’t expect him to be as big as he is and he is so bright and colourful! The light and sounds are brilliant too. The Zoe vehicle that comes with Sparky, fits perfectly in the back of the fire engine and the kids loved pressing down the lever on the side which releases Zoe.

The Rescue Riders playset is priced at £29.99 and I would say that it is great value for money. It is perfect for younger children as Sparky is chunky, there are a few little bits but I would remove them if a younger child is playing with it. It is 100% Elsa and Cleo approved and I’m sure that Brody will be playing with it very soon!

Series 3 Transforming Vehicles 

Elsa and Cleo received Transforming Todd and Transforming Kim Super Wings Vehicles. These like Sparky are big and colourful so perfect for preschool age children.  The Transforming Vehicles are both aeroplanes and characters so there are many ways to play including with the other playsets. There are 20 characters to collect too! Elsa and Cleo loved playing with Todd and Kim because they can use their own imagination to create their own adventures. You can transform them from plane to robot in 10 steps!

The Transforming Vehicles are available from Smyths Toys  for £9.99

Super Wings Magazine and Blind Bags 

The Super Wings Magazine is relatively new and the kids haven’t seen it before so it was a lovely surprise for them to test out a new magazine. The magazine is jam packed full of fun and educational activities which is perfect for early school aged children. The blind bags are also great for a smaller Super Wings treat for your child. They are a surprise and there are a big variety of characters to collect. They are available from newsagents and supermarkets.

There are also some great resources online for children to encourage learning while including Super Wings. You can check it out here!



*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these Super Wings toys in exchange for this blog post*


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