10 Of The Best Family Fashion Stores

We all have our favourite fashion stores and then we have children, we seem to spend more money on clothes for them then on us, don’t we?! I seem to do that anyway and I can forget about myself when it comes to clothes shopping.

Over the last year or so, my fashion favourites have definitely changed. Before I was a huge fan for shops such as Primark and budget stores and don’t get me wrong I still love seeing what bargains they have but I have come to love more quality over quantity. Less fast fashion basically. If I am looking for something basic then I will check out Boohoo.com too and I learnt the hard way with PLT as I ordered from them and the whole order was bad quality and it wasn’t worth it at all. So I am not ordering from them again, I do enjoy Boohoo though.

We don’t seem to shop in places like Primark for the kids, they grow so quickly but the quality just wasn’t good and clothes for the girls ended up lasting weeks and they didn’t even get the chance to out grow them. My biggest tip is to shop for the next season in the sale and you will save a fortune and you will find that better quality brands don’t cost much more than budget stores if you shop in the sale.

Saying that I don’t mind spending a bit more on clothing and accessories, it is my guilty pleasure I am afraid. I love buying and shopping for new things! As well as supporting smaller business that sell beautiful clothing.

I have created a list of 10 of my favourite family fashion stores for you to have a look at and maybe find some gorgeous clothing for you and your family:

  • Aurina – Both online and in store, Aurina sell beautiful British design led fashion. There are stores in Burnham Market and Holt so if you are close to those locations then definitely go and have a little look at the clothing and homewares. They sell clothing from jumpers to dresses to shoes to beach accessories and the prices are good for the quality that you are getting. They only sell Women’s clothing but there are gorgeous pieces! The bag pictures below is from Aurina and it is a 3-1 in bag that is incredible! It can be used in so many ways and as a mummy it is ideal! 1020199.jpg
  • Ele and Me – Both online and in a store based in Wells- Next-The-Sea, Ele and Me sell both sustainable toys and baby and children’s clothing. We have shopped in Ele and Me on a lot of occassions and I like to keep an eye on their socials to see what new products they have coming in. The clothing they sell is from small sustainable business from not just the UK but all over the world. The range of clothing is amazing and the designs and brands that they stock are brilliant. The picture below is when Brody was a newborn and we had purchased a gorgeous farm themed baby grow from Ele and Me. IMG_20191103_080718_995.jpg
  • Thimble and Ivy – You can find Thimble and Ivy over on social media. They hand make headbands, bows and now baby girl clothing. Also based in Norfolk and all the products are made to order. I have a Thimble and Ivy headband and I am obsessed with it. I can’t wait to order more for myself as well as Elsa and Cleo. Headband from Thimble and Ivy.IMG_20200630_071945_850.jpg
  • Made in Snetty – How could I have created this list without mentioning Made in Snetty?! I have mentioned them in previous blog posts and I even have a collaboration collection with them! Slogan clothing is huge at the moment and Made in Snetty have clothing for Men, Women and Children so there really is something for everyone! Sweartshirt from Made in Snetty IMG_20200212_083051_302-1.jpg
  • T K maxx – Of course I would have to add T K Maxx too. Who doesn’t love T K Maxx?! I could spend hours in there and the best thing is that you can get amazing quality for bargain prices! Cardigan from T K MaxxIMG_20200228_082524_194.jpg
  • Gone Crabbing – Based online as well in various stores around the UK, Gone Crabbing sell seaside inspired clothing for the whole family. I have spoken about them before and even written a whole blog post about our experiences with the brand. We have a shop just down the road from us so we love to see what new and fun designs they have! Brody’s T-shirt from Gone Crabbing 20200712_102232.jpg
  • Monster and Fox – Based on the West Norfolk Coast, Monster and Fox are a brand that caters for all the family. They have bright and colourful designs as well as being Fairwear clothing which means that no child labour has been used in the production of the clothing. Monster and Fox design all the clothing themselves and they really are a small business to watch and follow on socials. Sweatshirt from Monster and FoxIMG_20191115_075538_231.jpg
  • Joules – As you can tell from this list country and sea side inspired clothing is our thing. We love it which is why Joules is a firm favourite of mine. The kids love their clothing so much and I have to look whenever they have a sale as you can pick up some amazing bargains. They are online as well as being in so many stores around the UK. Elsa and Cleo’s dress from Joules 20200411_174520.jpg
  • Anna – Anna is one of the largest independant Womanswear stores in the UK. They are both online and in store. I have only just discovered what brands are stocked in Anna and even though they are a higher price, the quality and selection of clothing is incredible. They do only do up to a size 16 but I would suggest going in the store and trying on a few pieces. Skirt from Anna 1020782(0).jpg
  • DottyOle – Last but certainly not least is DottyOle. I am yet to order from this store but they are one to follow over on Instagram. They sell amazing condition pre-loved children’s clothing. Pre-loved is always an brilliant idea when it comes to clothing. There can be so much life left in pieces of clothing so buying second hand can save you money and help with sustainability.


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