Osmo Detective Agency Kit – How did we FIND it?!

Did you like the little pun in the title?!

But how did we find Osmo Detective Agency? We have reviewed the Osmo Genius Kit before and if you read that review, you will know that we absolutely loved it and would 100% recommened it to any family. So do we think the same about Osmo Detective Agency kit?

Firstly the Detective Agency kit only requires you to have a Osmo tablet/Ipad stand, the Detective Agency Kit itself and either a Ipad or an Amazon Fire Tablet to get started. I would suggest buying a bigger kit first such as the Genius Kit or similar so you have the stand and then buy the add ons after that. That way you have more than one way to play Osmo.

The Detective Agency Kit comes with 8 maps, a map holder and a magnifying glass. The maps included are: Bejing, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cario, Paris, Sydney, World and Osmo Town. All of these are stored in a map holder which also stores the magnifying glass.

So what does the Detective Agency do?

Osmo is a education learning kit but it is do through fun and definetly appeals to children’s playful personalities. The bright colours and easy set up and play make Osmo amazing for the whole family.

The Detective Agency helps children discover new and exciting places all over the world and intoduces children from a young age to geography and landmarks. Your children follow the intructions on screen and then find the items and places on each indivual map. The older your child is the harder it becomes to find each item and place.

Doing an activity like this can help with concentration and problem solving and would make a great warm up activity when home schooling or learning from home.

Cleo is 3 and she has started to understand how to play, there is a level for 4 years and under so we are focusing on that one for Cleo. For Elsa, we start at 5 years level and then work our way up until it becomes to hard for her. Over time, she will level up and she has been playing it with her Auntie who is 10 year old so the kit will grow with your children.

Would I recommend it?

1000% yes! Like the genius kit, we enjoying playing the Detective kit and it can be hours of fun!

In terms of affordability, we use Osmo with a Amazon tablet which is more afforable than a Ipad but Osmo is compatible with both. The kits themselves range from £29.99 to over £100 but if you are looking to purchase, I would suggest heading over to playosmo.com to have a look at what you think would be best for your family.

Osmo Detective Agency kit is priced at £49.99

Osmo Base is priced at £39



Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Osmo Detective Kit to review

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