Discovering Love Monster on Cbeebies!

My children are TV addicts and I am not ashamed to admit that. I think most children are at some point in their lives but as their parent, I like to make sure what they are watching is suitable, somewhat educational or has an important message and most importantly, FUN!

I had seen the Love Monster books in stores before and the bright and bold colours always seemed to stick out on the shelf. My children not only like TV, they are total book worms. We have so many books in the house and we are always on the look out for new ones to add to the collection.

Love Monster isn’t only a collection of books but it is now also a major TV show on Cbeebies. Like the books, the TV show, they have some very important messages for children to learn. The main on being all about emotions. What emotions are and how we deal with them. It showcases the importance of kindness and empathy too. All amazing skills for a child to have at a young age that they can use throughout their whole life.

The episodes are bright and colourful so perfect for getting the attention of little ones and they are available to watch on BBC iPlayer   which means they can be watched pretty much everywhere.

Elsa and Cleo spent some time finding out all about Love Monster and reading the books and checking out the TV show. We did some fun activities that are based on episodes of Love Monster too including decorating a plant pot and planting our own cress seeds just like Love Monster in the episode, Plant a Seed Day. These activities encourage imagination and creative play.

As a parent, I really like it when a book is turned in a TV show like this. The show doesn’t take anything away from the books and it enables my children to enjoy reading as well as down time when watching the TV but they can link them together and learn important lessons from both. TV shows that showcase important messages to children are incredible and it can open conversations at home about subjects that you might not have spoken about before.

You can watch Love Monster on BBC iPlayer now!


Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post

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