Explore The Peppa Pig Wooden Toy Collection!

Peppa Pig.

Every child’s favourite at some point, they seem to go crazy for this little pink piggy. We have so many Peppa Pig toys but we were asked to try out a new collection of wooden Peppa Pig toys.

I am a huge fan of getting my children wooden toys. The toys last longer, are more sustainable and I think they look lovely just sat on the side in a bedroom or playroom. This is a first for Peppa Pig toys and the classic toys have been transformed into new sustainable versions that will bring hours and hours of fun for little ones for years to come.

The wooden Peppa Pig house is a must have for any Peppa Pig fan, it is bright and instantly recognisable. It is made from the best quality FSC Certified Wood and is painted in bright eye catching colours. As the toys are made from wood they are chunky which means they are perfect for little hands. The Peppa Pig wooden family home comes with everything to get you started as soon as you get it out of the box.

It is includes Peppa Pig, a bath, oven, fridge, TV and bench seat. There are also 2 tables with can be turned upside down to create 2 single beds or be stacked on top of each other to create Peppa and George’s bunk beds.

All of the wooden sets go together so you can purchase 1 or all of them for the full Peppa Pig wooden toy collection experience.

There is also Grandpa Pigs boat which features a George figure. The wooden boat has 4 wheels so it can easily be pushed along the floor. Just like the house, it is made from chucky wood so perfect for little hands.

Wooden toys like these are amazing to promote hand-eye coordination from a young age and inspire imaginative play while being sustainable at the same time. All of the times in the toy collection are suitable for children aged 2+ and are available online and from toy store now.

The other products in the collection include:

Peppa Pig Wooden Family Home – £29.99

Peppa Pig Big Red Car – £12.99

Peppa Pig Family Figure Set – £9.99

Grandpa Pig’s Wooden Train – £19.99

Peppa Pig School House – £29.99

Shape Sorter School Bus – £29.99

Peppa Pig Wooden Aeroplane – £19.99

Peppa Pig Wooden Boat – £14.99

Peppa Pig Wooden Mini Vehicles – £4.99

These are a brilliant alternitive to the original Peppa Pig plastic toys and Cleo enjoyed playing with them so much, she has always been a huge Peppa fan and these toys where a firm favourite with her!

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted 2 Peppa toys in exchange for a blog post

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