Back To School Must Haves!

We are getting closer and closer to getting back to school days so that means that we are in need of new school essentials. I know that Elsa is looking forward to the return to school and it is going to be good to have structure back in to our lives.

I have narrowed down a list of the must haves that are going to be great for when the children go back to school.

TOG24 coats

We have spoken about TOG24 on the blog before, it isn’t our first experience with this family run clothes store. TOG24 was founded in 1958 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. We have 3 different styles of coat for going back to school, Medlock Kids Waterproof, Duggan Kids Waterproof and Fuse Kids Hooded Down Jacket. These 3 jackets vary in price from £40 to £60. The quality of these coats is incredible. As a family, we have other TOG24 products and we are always so impressed. All the TOG24 products come with 1 year guarantee which means they will replace or repair the product if there are any manufacturing defects. The coats are stylish and they are going to be great when the weather turns cold!

You can purchase from: TOG24

Fuse kids coat
Medlock kids coat
Duggan kids coat

Treads school shoes for older children

For older children, Treads have some brilliant school shoes. The age range for their footwear is 6-16 years and both boys and girls. Treads footwear comes with a 12 month indestructible guarantee, they will replace them for free if they don’t live up to the durable standards of Treads. One of the best features of Treads footwear is the removable EVA footbed which allows you to create extra room in the shoes and also allows you to change the width of the shoe. Rosie is a size 3 and she picked the Dakota Oxford Girls Leather shoes. These shoes are brogue style and come with the 12 month indestrutable guarantee. These are priced at £45 and come with free delivery!

You can purchase from: Treads Shoes

Treads Dakota Oxford

SMASH Lunchboxes and Bottles

Picking a lunchbox is one of the most exciting parts of the summer holidays! SMASH are the main brand that we notice when we look for new lunchboxes and bottles in our local supermarkets. We have the bundle from Asda so if you go in to an Asda store, these are the SMASH products that you will see but the Tesco range is also brilliant! Having the bottle holder in the side of the lunch box is really handy when trying to organise packed lunches. The bright and colour themes of the bags are a huge hit with the children and they will be great for days out as well as school days.

You can purchase them here: Asda Smash Lunchboxes

SMASH Asda bundle

Bobux school shoes

Elsa loves to have stylish but comfy school shoes, we walk to and from school so durable and comfy shoes are a must for her. Bobux have 2 new styles for this year, Scout for Boys and Piper for Girls. Both pairs are made from high quality leather and look lovely with any school uniform. Each school has a reinforced toe cap and stitching so they should last a good amount of time even if your children are the type to scuff shoes! I know Elsa does this so it will be interesting to see how they hold up after a little while but they look like they are amazing quality!

You can purchase from: Bobux shoes

Bobux Piper school shoes

Sunezz Kids Sunglasses

Sunglasses may not seem like a school essential but we walk to school and protecting Elsa’s eyes are important. Suneez are virtually indestructible. They can bend and even little hands can play with them without them cracking or snapping. They also come with a bag and head strap so they can be kept safe. Sunglasses are important for little eyes as they can be damaged easily from the sun’s UV rays. Suneez is the perfect solution for this and kids love them!

You can purchase from: Suneez

Suneez in Red
Elsa wearing Suneez

Out of school activities!

As well as being in school is important, out of school it is also important to keep your child entertained and you can even include school work in fun at home. Bookeez, Supergraph and Blopens are great for this! All of these activities can be educational but fun at the same time. They encourage creativity and imagination through play.

Bookeez is an at home book making kit that is so easy to use. It is suitable for ages 7+ and would be great for documating days out and holidays that could be then shown in school. We really enjoyed using Bookeez and it created some amazing little books for the girls to fill out about their summer holiday adventures.

You can purchase from: Bookeez from Smyths Toys


Supergraph is a toy that I can remember from my childhood. It is brilliant because it is easy to set up and doesn’t require batteries. It enables children to create art and pictures by tracing with ease. Supergraph can even be used for homework and show and tell as well as being really fun for children and even adults!

You can purchase from: Supergraph from Smyths Toys

Rosie using Supergraph

BloPens is yet another toy that I remember from my childhood! You simple use the stencil and the blow into the end of the pen to create bright and colourful pictures and art work. There are many varities of BloPens including a Frozen themed kit.

You can purchase from: BloPens from Amazon

Frozen BloPens

If there anything that you can purchased for your child returning to school that you think deserves a mention on this post?!

Comment below!

Disclaimer – We were gifted the product that were mentioned in this blog post

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