Are We Ready For a New Normal?

The kids will be going back to school very soon and after 6 months of home learning, are we ready for the new normal?

It isn’t just school that we have to adapt too. It is the wearing of face mask pretty much everywhere you go, it is being social distance to everyone outside your bubble. There is just so much to be aware of and remember.

Elsa will be going back to school. I have kept her off this whole time and she even had the week off before lockdown but I can’t keep her at home for the foreseeable. She needs to learn at school and see her friends. Going to school means so much to her and she enjoys it. As her mum, I just want to keep her at home away from everything. That isn’t possible and we need to live our lives even with COVID about. All of the changes are going to take some time to get used too and I am not sure i’m ready to have a new normal. I feel like we have only just got used to COVID being around and now we have to create a new life where we are aware of COVID in every aspect of what we do.

We leave the house and have to remember hand sanitiser and our face masks. I have Elsa asking me everyday if she has to wear face mask. She wants to know what she can and can’t take to school when she goes back and I am reading the school letter returning over and over and over again to make sure that I get it right.

No pencil cases and lunchboxes only. No water fountains and different start and finish times for different classes. There is just so much to remember and that is just some of the things for Elsa.

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with information. Are we ready for a new normal?

I don’t think I am. I am trying my best and we will be going away for weekend staycations in the UK for a little while. I don’t think going aboard is on the cards for us for a little while now so enjoying the UK is what we are going to do. All of this is going to take some getting used to and this is now our normal. We don’t know how long for but we will be ok!

Are you ready for a new normal? Let me know below!

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