Preparing For The Return To School!

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been really open with my views on school and sending Elsa.
I have spoken to many media outlets about it and it is something that we really had to think about for a long time. But now we are getting ready for the return to school and I don’t know how I feel about it.

I didn’t send Elsa to school for around a week before lockdown happened. I decided that if a lockdown was going to happen then I might as well keep her off as soon as possible and I am so glad now that I did that. It was best for us and I am happy with my decision to do that. That does mean though that Elsa hasn’t stepped foot inside the school grounds for almost 7 months! It has been a rollercoaster of a journey when it comes to Coronavirus and I can’t seem to understand where the last 7 months have gone.

One moment it was March and we were all preparing for lockdown and now we are preparing for the return to school in a new school year. It just doesn’t seem possible to me.

I have spoken with other parents and they have also commented on how their children’s behaviour has changed since they didn’t go to school. Elsa has jumped 10 years and it feels like she is now a teenager. She has turned in to a completely different child and I think it is down to the fact that she hasn’t been in school. For the last 7 months, she has been by my side and normally she is a really independent child but it seems to have changed.

She is missing her friends and whole school environment. We have had a discussion about safety and the virus and she does ask me alot if she is going to have to wear a mask in school to stay safe. Half the time, I don’t know what to say to her. It is a situation that none of us ever thought we would be in.

I find myself reading the ‘return to school’ letter that Elsa’s school sent just to make sure that I haven’t missed any important info and to make sure that I have times right. I am nervous for her to return. I know that she will be fine and I think I am more nervous about this than I am when she started primary school.

We are prepared when it comes to equipment and supplies.
We think we know what we have to do and where we have to go. We know about symptoms and what to look out for.

This is going to be something that we have to get used to and it is going to take some time. I know that I am going to worry but I do think it is best that Elsa tries to go to school. I am fully prepared for if it doesn’t work out. I know that it might not but we just have to watch for symptoms for COVID and encourage our children that school is the best place for them to be and that it is going to be ok!

Are you sending your children back to school?

One thought on “Preparing For The Return To School!

  1. Our school’s went back “virtually” 2.5 weeks ago. We opted to keep them virtual for the first 6 weeks (in person can start from next Tuesday) and are deciding on the 2nd 6 week period to Christmas now. Our case numbers were so high we didnt feel face to face was safe. Two weeks in and the virtual learning is so hard. Our numbers have come down this last couple of weeks but not to a point where I’m not concerned. I’m constantly battling in my head trying to decide what’s the best way. It’s so stressful. Wishing you lots of luck for the new school year.


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