Mess Free Art With Little Brian Paint Sticks


Spending more time at home has meant that we need to get prepared for entertaining our children what ever the weather. My children love messy play but to be honest, I am not a fan. I love seeing their creations using things like paint but it can be so messy and I worry so much about paint spillages. That is where Little Brian Paint Sticks comes in very handy and they pretty much save the day!

We were all very happy to see a package of Little Brian Paint Stick products come through the door a couple of weeks ago and I had already seen them on social media and just knew that the kids would love them as well as being perfect for creative play and home and on the move. We received 3 products from the range of Little Brian mess free products; Mini Art Station, Giant Paint Stick and the brand new Paint-A- Puzzle.

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are mess free, fun and convenient. They are water soluble and work a bit like a glue stick. They are made of solid paint which you twist up to use. They can be used on a huge range of surfaces, there is no need for brushes or water and they don’t create the usual mess that paint would make. The paint also drys in around 60 seconds so it is so much easier than regular paint. The paint sticks themselves are chunky so perfect for little hands.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Mini Art Station – £19.99

My children have a lot of family to visit so anything that is fun and easy to transport is an instant hit with us. The Mini Art Station comes with everything your children will need to create beautiful art work on the go and at home. The art station is double sided and includes a whiteboard and a chalkboard. In the fold out storage space, you will find 6 chalk sticks, 6 mini paint sticks, sheets of paper and a duster for cleaning your surface after use.

Elsa and Cleo both used the art station at the same time. One used one side and one used the other. They enjoyed playing with together and there was no mess! I was surprised at how the paint sticks worked and how bright the colours actually are. They do dry very quickly and it is such a brilliant alternative to paint.

Available from Smyths Toys

Little Brian Giant Paint Stick – £19.99

The giant paint stick is the ultimate Little Brian product! It contains all 30 colours from the paint stick range; 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 12 metallic colours. If there was one products that I think a family should own, it is this one. It is the complete set and with this the possibilities for creations are endless. Not to mention that the giant paint stick is a fun novelty to have for any art collection!

Available from Smyths Toys

Little Brian Paint Sticks Paint-A Puzzle – £9.99

This is a brand new product to the range and one that the kids loved! We have never played with anything like this before so it was completely new to us, the kids loved the idea of it as soon as I showed them. The puzzle is made of 12 giant sturdy pieces and it is very easy to build. You use the paint sticks to colour in the puzzle with the vibrant colours, the way that you want. It is fun and creative and the kids had so much fun painting the farm yard scene.

Available from Argos

The packaging of Little Brian Paint Sticks products are made from recycled plastic and they are a good size for all children to play. I would supervise younger children though.

If you are looking for fun, mess free paint then Little Brian is the perfect product for you!

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these products in exchange for a review

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