Exploring with Cat Junior Crew Construction Toys!

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Cat is a well known brand that we have all seen before. Maybe not for toys but we have all seen those huge bright yellow diggers and construction vehicles out and about! Well, Cat have just brought out new Cat Junior Crew toys that bring Cat construction vehicles to life in your living room for preschool aged children.

Elsa, Cleo and Brody were all so excited to see the Cat package that came through the door a few weeks ago and I was so surprised to see how big and chunky these toys were, I was expecting them to be smaller. But I am glad they are a bigger size as Brody can play with all the Cat toys too. The whole range of toys is well made and perfect for rough play as you would imagine construction themed toys to be. The noises that all the toys make are actually noise that children made while playing with the toys which is amazing!

We received 3 different toys from the range:

Cat® Junior Crew Power Tracks Friends Train Set – RRP £24.99

A Cat train! This is definitely Brody’s favourite toy of the whole range and it is so chunky so perfect for little hands. The Power Tracks Friends Train is completely interactive and encourages children’s imagination. Your child build the track and attaches the trailers and the digger to the back of the train. There are buttons on one piece of the track which controls the train. Each large colour button has a different feature and is a lovely addition to the playset. The buttons on the track and the helmet which you press down on the train to make it go are brilliant for developing fine motor skills. You can use the other toys in the range with the train set which is great as the whole range is a good price! I was really shocked at how fast the train goes too! But the kids absolutely love it!

Cat® Junior Crew Construction Buddies Assortment – RRP £19.99

The Crew Construction Buddies are 10″ and once again encourage development with fine motor skills and imagination. The dumper truck comes with 3 different size boulders which is carries and tips out the back of the truck. The boulders trigger the sensors which move the truck forwards, tips the boulders out and then backs up. It is great for rough play once again just like the train set. Elsa and Cleo really enjoyed playing with this Cat toy, they had loads of fun refilling the dumper truck with the boulders and they did play with it with the train set too.

Cat® Junior Crew Construction Pals Assortment – RRP £7.99

These are the smallest of the range but small is mighty. These smaller Cat Junior Crew Pals are the ideal size to go with the train set. Great for little hands and perfect for a pocket money toy at only £7.99! If you press down the head of the Crew Pal, then the face twist around and the digger makes noises.

Toys like these spark imagination and curiosity and are just perfect for children aged 2+

You can find Cat Junior Crew toys at Smyths.com

Disclaimer – This blog post contains gifted PR products

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