Sunny Bunnies Giggle And Hop Toy Review!

AD – Contains Gifted Toys

Over the last week or so, Cleo has been testing out the new Sunny Bunnies toys. The toys are from the very popular Youtube channel and children seem to go mad for them and there little hoppy features.

There are 3 sizes of toys and we have been playing with the large size and the small size, I imagine the medium is also really fun to play with though!

Within the 3 sizes of toys, there are 5 to collect; Turbo, Hopper, Shiny, Iris and Big Boo. The smaller sound slammer toys are 15cm and you simply hit them to hear their fun and infectious laughter, they are priced at £4.99 and would make brilliant pocket money toys. The larger Giggle and Hop Soft Toys are the funest of the 3 though!

The Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies are suitable for children aged 12months plus. They are around 29cm in size and you once again, like the smaller size, hit them top trigger their feature. Only the Giggle and Hop Bunnies not only laugh but they can also hop around the room. Check it out in the video below!

The Giggle and Hop Bunnies are priced at £16.99 and are available from Argos, Amazon and selected Tesco Stores.

What we think!

We were really impressed the size of these considering their more affordable price in comparison to other toys that are similar to this. The smaller size is great for Brody (He is 1) as it is ideal for little hands, the larger size is suitable for 12 months plus but Elsa and Cleo both loved this. It was a great novelty to hit the Sunny Bunny to make him laugh and hop around the room. The kids loved the bright colours and how fluffy they are too.

They would make a great gift and it is perfect that they have created toys to go along with the popular Youtube show!

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Disclaimer – We were kindly sent these toys in exchange for a blog post

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