Casdon Supermarket Till Toy Review

Post contains PR Product

We are getting good at these toy reviews now and the kids know exactly what they are looking for in a toy. They know what they like playing with. Casdon is a brand that they have had before. Not to review but for Birthday and Christmas presents, Elsa and Cleo are huge fans of imaginative toys and toys that encourage role play.

As a parent, role play toys are my favourite. They encourage the imagination and they can play for hours and in so many different ways with the same toy. The Casdon Supermarket Till is the ideal role play toy. It is unisex and suitable for ages 18 months plus. I would say though that the coins are small so if you are worried about the size of these and your children then I would remove the smaller ones incase of a choking hazard but that is up to you as a parent.

The till has loads of amazing features, a touch sensitive screen, a working calculator and a working microphone so your child can pretend that they are actually working in a supermarket and they are talking to their customers. There is a good selection of branded play food that comes with the till but you could use anything that your children what to sell in their pretend shop. The till also comes with a play card, money and notes so they can learn all about money.

A till is a great toy to buy your child. It encourages imaginative play, helps them learn to count and maths skills and also helps encourage communication and sharing skills.

Elsa and Cleo had loads of fun playing with the Casdon Supermarket Till. It is one of the toys that they play with so much, in the house and outside and they even take it to Nanny’s house. They encourage Brody to play too and it doesn’t matter the age of the child when they play as it is a toy that grow with them. The older they are the more maths problems they can do on the till and can even work out change without the help of the calculator.

We have brought so many tills for present for other children in the family and I am sure there will be some on Birthday and Christmas lists this year and for years to come!

The Casdon Supermarket Till is available from

Disclaimer – We were sent the Casdon Supermarket Till in exchange for a blog post

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