Our Toddler Must Haves!

Contains gifted items

There are so many amazing products for Toddlers on the market, some you may not have seen! So I have created this list of our favourite Toddler must haves!

Snoo Bear – The Snoo Bear is a huggable white noise machine that helps your baby or toddler sleep. I have a toddler that doesn’t sleep so anything like this is a plus for us and the Snoo Bear is perfect for Cleo. It is soft and adorable. The bear has 6 different soothing sounds, 3 levels of volume and even pays attention after your child has gone to sleep incase they wake up again and if they do then the bear will play more soothing sounds to help them drift back off to sleep! The Snoo Bear is priced at £49.69 and is available from happiestbaby.co.uk

Ink and Drop – Not something you would find in a toddler musts have post normally but I think that anything that can be used for a toddler can be included and that includes bedroom decor! Ink and Drop are a art prints website that are priced between £13-£45. There are so many different designs on their website and they have some amazing ones for children’s playrooms and bedrooms. The prints we have are the personlised pink and white fur names and they are priced at £18.50 available from inkanddrop.com

Little Stardust Natural Play Makeup – I spoke about this is in my ‘Should Children Play With Make Up?’ blog post and Elsa and Cleo have the Natural Play Make up set and they really enjoy it. It has no nasties in it and it completely safe for their skin! Natural Play Make Up Set is priced at £19.99 and is available from thenaturalplaycompany.co.uk

Kambukka – Kambukka is a premium brand that creates drinkware for children. We have the food jar from this brand and the girls love the pink ballet design. It keeps food warm for 6 hours so is ideal for days out. Perfect for little ones if they are going on a big adventure. The Kambukka Bora Food Jar is priced at £34.99 and is available from kambukka.com

Sienna Grace UK – This brand is one that I discovered through Instagram. Sienna Grace UK sells beautiful products both for home and to gift. We have 2 of their colouring sets with the matching crayons, one Halloween set and one unicorn set and the girls loved the shaped crayons and the big variety of colouring pages that you get with the set. The colouring sets are priced at £12.95 and are available from sienna-grace.com

Kendamil UK – You may have seen Kendamil before, they are best known for their range of baby and toddler powdered milk but that isn’t all that they make. They also have a brilliant range of milkshake powders that contain vitamins for children aged 3-10 years. It is a great way of ensuring that your children are getting everything that they need when it comes to vitamins and it is in a delicous milkshake too! They are priced at £6.99 and are available from kendamil.com

Kind Kids Book Club – My children love books and Kind Kids Book Club is a brand that I discovered on Instagram. You can find some great brands on there! The Kind Kids Book Club is a book club that can be a monthly subscription but also a one off and it includes books that celebrate empathy, diversity and equality. Pretty much everything I look for in a good kids book! The kits come with activities and other little things for your children to do and it is beautifully wrapped. It is priced at £18.99 for a one off pack or £55 for a 3 month subscription and they are available from kindkidsbookclub.co.uk

Are there any brands that you love?

Disclaimer – These products were kindly gifted to us in exchange for a blog post.

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