4 Reasons Why People Make The Wrong Choice When Buying Glasses

Eyesight problems are fairly common in older people and you may find yourself needing glasses at some point in your life. When you buy your first pair of glasses, it can be quite daunting because there is so much choice and the price ranges a lot, but choosing the right style is so important if you want your glasses to look good. If you are about to buy your first pair of glasses, these are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Spending Too Much Money 

If you go into an optician and start browsing glasses, the prices don’t always seem too outrageous. But that’s just the price of the frames and once you add the lenses, the cost shoots right up. Opticians also tend to be a lot more expensive than other places and if you want to save money, you should take your prescription and then shop around online. You can still get some great quality designer glasses that are just as good as the ones that you would buy in the opticians for a fraction of the price. It’s a misconception that you have to spend a lot of money to get good quality glasses, so make sure that you shop around a bit and compare prices before you buy.

Only Thinking Of Them As A Practical Item

A lot of people only think of glasses as a practical item, which they are, but they’re also a fashion item. When you are looking at different frames and trying to decide which one is best, you need to consider what kind of clothes you normally wear or what’s in your makeup bag as well. You’re going to be wearing your glasses every day, so they need to match the rest of your fashion sense. 

Not Considering Your Face Shape

When you are buying glasses, it’s so important that you consider your face shape because it makes a huge difference. If you buy glasses that don’t suit your face shape, they won’t look good at all. For example, if you have a round face, a pair of round glasses will just highlight the shape. Instead, you need some square frames to help balance it. Make sure that you know what kind of face shape you have and what kind of glasses suit it before you start shopping for frames. 

Not Buying Insurance 

A lot of people skip the insurance when they buy glasses because they don’t think that they need it and it’s just an extra cost. But if you break your glasses, which you probably will at some point, you’ll kick yourself for not paying the extra. The cost of insurance is far less than the cost of buying a new pair of glasses, so you will save money in the long term. You should also consider buying a second pair of glasses so if you do break one, you’re not left unable to see properly while you are waiting for a replacement. 

As long as you avoid these mistakes, buying your first pair of glasses should be a stress free experience. 

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