Cry Pets Toy Review

Cry Pets show real emotion. They are a new toy that needs your love and affection where ever you go!

Cry Pets actually cry real tears! He is so cuddly and cute so your little one will want to give them their undivided attention all day long. The Cry Pet will also help your child understand emotions and how to deal with different emotions. Cry Pets Puppy has big blue puppy dog eyes so children will love him.

You simply fill the provided water bottle up and feed him. This will then fill the Cry Pet up so you can press his hand and watch him show his emotions. He will cry real tears, you can use the towel that is provided to help wipe away his tears. Your children can show him love and affection so he doesn’t cry again and if he does then they can care for him as if he were a real puppy.

Cleo has similar toys to the Cry Pet and she loves when a toy is interative like this. She loves feeding her dolls and teddies anyway so the added feature of the mouth, real water and tears is a great thing for Cleo. The toys helps her understand emotions and that we all get a little upset sometimes and that is ok.

I did find that the water made a bit of mess but I don’t mind it as it is an imaginative toys and Cleo loved playing with it. I think it is brilliant for role play and imaginative play and that it can help teach children emotions and caring play. Cry Pets can encourage children to talk about emotions and introduce them to vocabulary that describes emotions.

They are suitable for children aged 3 + and are priced at £20.00.

Cry Pets are available from Tesco stores and online very soon!

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Cry Pet in exchange for a review

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