Playing With New Funko Family Games!

As a family, we are a huge Funko fan! We have so many Funko products including the well known Funko Pop characters.

I have reviewed Funko on my blog before, you can read it here. We have been collecting Funko products for years now and our collection seems to be growing all the time. I think it might help that Funko keep bring out new and exciting games and toys for the whole family.

We have been playing with 2 new Funko games, Something Wild -Toy Story and Marvel Battleworld: Battle Ball.

Something Wild – Toy Story

This game was pretty obviously going to be a hit. It is Disney and anything that is Disney is a huge hit for us as a family. The Something Wild card game incorporates Funko and a classic card game. You can create sets and runs to win the Woody figure which can help you win the game. The first person to scare 3 powers wins the game!

The game take a little while to get the hang off but once you get the rules, you can play to your hearts content. It is a great game for all the family (It says 6+ but could be played by younger children) and there can be 2-4 players. It is perfect for travel and could be played anywhere.

We love how it is Toy Story themed with the characters from the film on the cards and the Woody small Pop Vinyl with the set of cards. It can be hard to understand but after reading the rules, it is easy to play. I would suggest reading the rules a few times before playing. The playing time is around 15 minutes. There are 6 themed card packets to collect and they can be used together to create a bigger game.

Something Wild is priced at £6.99rrp and there are 6 card packets to collect.

Marvel Battleworld: Battle Ball

Just like Disney, we knew this would be a hit. Elsa is a huge fan of Marvel so a Marvel themed game was instantly going to be something that interests her.

You use your character to rescue your friends and try and beat Thanos! During game play you can crack open the special Thanostones to reveal a new character to play with.

Marvel Battleworld: Battle Balls are collectable and there are characters to collect from all over the Marvel universe. The game itself is expendable as you collect new cards and characters. You can collect new unique powers and abilities! The game is immersive and encourage children to play together. There are 30+ unique characters at the games launch so there are so many to collect.

Just like the Something Wild game, it does take a little while to get use to the rules but once you know them, it is such a great game to play. WE love the idea of being able to expand the game and collect new characters. Elsa loves collectables! So this is a brilliant game for her as she has both the game play and the collectable side of the game.

Marvel Battleworld: Battle Balls are suitable from 6 years plus and 1-2 players. Game play is around 15-30 minutes.

It is priced at £6.99rrp

Disclaimer – We were kindly sent these in exchange for a review

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