Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set Toy Review

This is our second Casdon blog post reviewing their products and once again, it is a role play toy and we know how much, kids love those! This time the review is on the Morphy Richards Kitchen Set!

Like I said, this is our second review. Our first one was the Supermarket Till and the kids loved it. They love role play and imaginative play, I think most children do. It is fun and it is great to encourage and develop social and communication skills.

The Casdon Morphy Richard kitchen set is no different, it is great for imaginative play and is a great addition to any play space. The set is designed to be true to life, so your children can have the same as you.

The set includes: Kettle, Toaster, Fillable Coffee Maker, cuterly, plates and cups and play food.

In the set is a fillable coffee maker, this can be filled with water. This allows the coffee pot to be filled with water and makes paying more real life. The added feature of being able to use water with this set is great, water play is amazing for children and it is amazing for role play. If you don’t want your children to play with water indoors then you can use it without water but it is a nice feature to have and would be ideal for a mud kitchen or playhouse outside.

Morphy Richards is a household name and it is great to see a brand like this bring out toys for children. It means they can match with parents and it adds to the fun!

Elsa and Cleo love a tea set and this is perfect in the sense that they can play tea parties or cafes or play with it with their play kitchen. There are so many possibilities and it creates hours and hours of fun. The coffee machine is a firm favourite with Cleo as she loves water play so this was the first thing that she wanted out of the box.

The Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set is suitable for ages 3 years plus and is available for all good toy stores such as Smyths and is priced at £12.99.

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Morphy Richards Kitchen Set in exchange for a blog post

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