Real Littles Shopkins Toy Review

Real Brands! Real Cute! Real Littles Shopkins are the smallest and cutest real brands that you can hold in your hand!

Shopkins have been around for so long now and S14 has just been released! They are called Real Littles and just like the other Shopkins, they are small and so so cute!

S14 is a little different though. They are micro versions of our favourite brands that come in packaging that is meant to look like a fun vending machine.

In total there are 85 Real Littles to collect and they come from a range of supermarket departments; Breakfast, dessert, dinner, snacks and drinks. The coolest thing about the Real Littles is the brand that they are micro versions off.

There are UK brands and brands that are well known in the US. Kids will love to collect these little micro versions of their favourite brands.

We got brands such as Nurtigrain, Sketchers, Kelloggs and Breyers ice cream!

Elsa and Rosie love opening surprises and with the vending machine set, you get 4 hidden surprises. This is great as you can see some of the Real Littles that are in the pack but some are still a surprise and who doesn’t love a surprises?

If you are looking for some new collectibles then Real Littles are brilliant!

There are available to purchase now!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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