What Is The Best Christmas Movie?!

Everyone has that one Christmas movie that they think is the best! Mine is The Grinch but then again, I am a huge Dr Seuss Fan!

Christmas movies are something that we can enjoy as a family and can get us in the Christmas spirit. There are so many memories around certain Christmas movies and I was wondering what everyone’s favourites were and if there was any that we hadn’t seen yet that we could watch in the run up to the big day so I asked the parent blogging community.

This is some of their favourite Christmas movies:

It has to be Elf! We watch it every Christmas Eve without fail – Family Travel With Ellie

Polar Express – just magical! We watch it every Christmas Eve. – Peak District Kids

The Holiday – I love the story and how it connects all the characters in the end, and it’s full of feel good moments! – Emily and Indiana

A bit different ~ but it’s always Gremlins for me! However if you’re watching with younger ones, there is a scene with a Santa spoiler (1 hour, 18 mins into the movie), so make sure you skip that bit! – All She Loves

National lampoons Christmas vacation. Absolutely hilarious – Trinimamabebe

Die Hard! We watch it every Christmas Eve once the kids have gone to bed. – Amy Mighalls

Home Alone. Will never tire of the slapstick comedy! – A Rose Tinted World

We love Daddy’s Home 2, which is a bit of an alternative christmas film but funny and really sweet. – Even Angels Fall

Muppets Christmas Carol. I love the songs and I think it teaches kids an important message in a way they will understand. – Mummy, it’s ok

It’s not Christmas until you’ve watched Love Actually. The ultimate smush fest to make you feel all warm inside. – Twinderelmo

Santa clause – the movie – loved it as a kid as it felt so real and now my kids love it just as me. Really nostalgic 🥰 – Ready Freddie Go

Christmas Chronicles and Home Alone 1&2 😊 – Uplifting and Inspiring Content

Nativity is great fun. It’s not often you get ‘laugh out loud’ moments in a Christmas film but this one does the trick for me. Also the sequels are good too! – My Tunbridge Wells

We have just discovered Jingle Jangle which is a beautiful movie about ‘believing’ in magic and has a lovely Christmas feel with epic costumes, dancing and songs. It was due to go the cinema this year but the pandemic has meant it is straight to Netflix. If you liked the Greatest Showman you’ll like this! Maidenhead Mums

We always watch at least one of the Star Wars movies at Christmas. – Busy Mum Lifestyle

I love mariah careys All I want for Christmas movie, its a family friendly film. Lipgloss And Curves

Cant beat The Grinch! We watch it every Xmas eve. – Sophie’s Nursery

The Nightmare Before Christmas! Just love it! – Rice Cakes And Raisins

It’s A Wonderful is my all time favourite Christmas film. It makes me cry every single time! – Mighty Mama Bear

We love Arthur Christmas, such a heart warming story and great for all ages. – Chelmsford With Children

My boys are train crazy so The Polar Express is the favourite in our house. – Tired But Crafty Mummy

Miracle on 34th Street! The Richard Attenborough version. He’s the most believable Santa I’ve ever seen ❤️!
The Good Thing Is Though

Elf – it’s fun, it’s festive and it gets us all singing. – Mummy Est.2014

Santa Claus the movie although I love the Christmas Chronicles as well now. Baby Not Included

Muppets Christmas Carol. I’ve watched it on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, it’s a tradition! – DonnaDundas

Scrooged is an underrated Christmas flick that we always try to catch over the holidays. There’s nobody better at playing a grouchy protagonist than Bill Murray. – Paternal Damnation

Klaus, relatively new but love it so much! – Spaghetti Traveller

The Holiday & Love Actually for me and Polar Express for the children, although I can’t wait for the new Christmas Chronicals next week!!! Lara Joanna Javis

I love The Holiday and Love Actually for chick flicks, but you can’t beat Elf! It makes me laugh out loud as well as cry. My little ones love Arthur Christmas and watched it over and over, and over again last year! – Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee

For the grown ups, Love Actually every time. With the kids, we love Arthur Christmas! We’re so excited to show them Elf and Home Alone for the first time this Christmas! – Monkey And Pal

It will always be the grinch! I relate to him on a spiritual level the older I get. Alice In Sheffield

Christmas Made To Order. It’s like a cosy warm blanket of snow and makes me feel all fuzzy and Christmasy inside!

What is your favourite Christmas movie?!

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