Our Trip To Luminate Sandringham!

We all know that things are a little different in 2020 but one upside to how different things are is the new and exciting events that are being created to fit in with the new rules.

I think this is one the reasons that we have been enjoying Christmas events more than ever.

If you are a follower of my social media then you will know that Sandringham Estate is one of our favourite places. We go for a family walk there almost every weekend so when they invited us to visit their brand new Luminate event, we were very very happy to accept!

The Luminate Event is based in Sandringham Wood and is running from the 17th December to the 17th January.

Sandringham is well known for being the Queen’s private Norfolk home and not only is the house, incredible but the grounds are a great place for a family day out. Now that winter has approached us, that doesn’t stop the fun at Sandringham. Usually, the Queen and the rest of the Royal family would be spending Christmas at the house but with covid, they giving this a pass this year.

The Luminate event is covid safe. With hand sanitiser dotted around the trail and members of staff at different areas of the trail to remind you of social distancing and to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

The trail and lights are incredible. Some of the lights are interactive so yourself and your children can join in with the fun. The creativity that has gone in to this event is like nothing we have seen before. The different light sections are beautiful and the attention to detail is amazing.

Elsa, Cleo and Brody loved going on their adventure in to the woods to discover the lights. As well as the kids enjoying it, both Jonny and I thought the event was amazing. It is great for people of any age and I think everyone would love this.

It isn’t Christmas themed so as it runs through part of January too, it can be enjoyed then too.

Half way around the trail is marshmallows and mulled wine which I think are reasonably priced. 4 large marshmallows that you toast yourself on fire pits are £1.50.

It is so hard to describe the incredible Luminate event so we decided to vlog the event too so you can see exactly what we experience too. You can watch it below:

Tickets start at £12 and you can find out more on the Luminate Sandringham website.

We were very kindly gifted the tickets of Luminate Sandringham in exchange for a blog post

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