Hello 2021!

And I am back!

Can you believe how fast time has gone?! The last blog post that I wrote was my review of Luminate at Sandringham.

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas and the end of 2020 has gone so fast but since the last time I posted a lot has changed. Obviously Covid is still here but Norfolk is now in tier 4 so there isn’t really much that we can do. The only thing is hope that 2021 is the year that we beat this horrible virus.

I mean, we can start to look forward to things this year. Fingers crossed that by the summer, we will be out of the worst of it and there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel.

2020 was an awful year and I did write a post all about it – 2020 – The Year That Nearly Broke Me. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels like that year nearly broke us.

2021 is here now though and I want to focus on that. It is so easy to look back but not look forward when things get tough.

So…2021. Will we actually get that holiday to Butlins? Will Elsa go to school without the worry of her catching something and will Cleo start school in September as planned?!

Brody is just being Brody and is none the wise that this virus is about. It will be something that we tell him about when he is older.

I sit there and think and dream of all the amazing things that I am hoping for in the next year. I want this year to be a good one. It’s the first day of the year and I have seen so many people announce pregnancies and engagements and it is actually really lovely to see such positive things on social media and not the virus.

I am hoping that this year is the year for growth. Jonny has started streaming so I am hoping that is grows for him and I am hoping that blogging gets more exciting for me. 2020 was a year of no blogging events and not really much to write about. Normally we would write about our adventures as a family but there was only so much I could write about when we spent every day indoors.

I really hope that 2021 is everyone’s year!

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