To Return To School Or Not To Return To School..That Is The Question

The title of this blog post is the question that most parents are asking themselves at the moment. Is it best to send children back to school or should we keep them at home?

Back in March 2020, the UK government allowed most children to stay at home due to Covid. I won’t say they ‘closed’ schools because some schools did stay open for children of keyworkers or vulnerable children. The school building itself didn’t close but school learning for most children did stop.

Elsa’s school did completely close due to no children going but we live in a small village and the school has around 100 pupils which is tiny compared to some schools.

Last year, when it was announced that children could go back, I very openly spoke about our decision to keep Elsa at home. She was off school from March to September and I attempted to teacher her at home. Now, I am no teacher and to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. The day consisted of reading, writing, maths, Joe Wicks and cooking. I will pat myself on the back and say that we actually did ok. We managed to do alot of school work and we purchased alot of resources for home learning.

The pandemic hasn’t gone away and we knew in the back of our minds, we knew that it was a possibility that we would be in this home leaning situation again.

Fast forward to today. There are talks of keeping children at home due to how many people have covid and the infection rate is so high. Not to mention, the new varient which is apparently worse in children. If there is one thing that I have noticed this time round though, it is more parents are happy to keep their children out of school and home learn. I asked on my Instagram and most people said that they think that schools should ‘close’ and children should be taught from home.

The covid levels (infections and deaths) at the moment are crazy. There are 50,000+ new people with covid every single day and it just seems to be going up all the time.

The sooner more people are vaccinated the better. But for now, do we keep our children at home or send them?

I am keeping Elsa at home. But that wouldn’t come as a shock to people if they have heard me talk about this subject before. We have vulnerable people in our support and child care bubble.

I can once again attempt to do home learning with Elsa and I am very happy to do so if it means that we are protecting other people and ourselves from this horrible virus.

Education can be caught up with but family can not be replaced.

What are you doing? Are you sending your children back or keeping them at home?

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