A Year Of Covid…

It has been roughly a year since Covid started to somewhat take over our lives. Yet we are still in a position where it feels like Covid has the power. What is going to happen? When will this pandemic end?

I think everyone is fed up with our current situation. Just when it feels like we are out of the worst of it, it starts to get worse again.

I write this as we are waiting for our Prime Minister to speak once again and it seems pretty obvious that another lockdown is going to happen. I think this is the 4th one?

We know people that have lost their lives and we know families that have been ripped apart because of this virus. Elsa has missed so much School and part of that is my fault. I want to protect her like any parent would want to protect their children. It means that I have taken her out of school whenever I can and have attempted to home school her. I have tired my best.

Everyone has tried their very best.

We have clapped for the NHS. The warriors of this virus. Without them, we certainly wouldn’t be seeing some light at the end of this tunnel. I just feel for them. How will this affect their mental health? How are their families?

How are they?

This is a war but we can’t see the enemy.

A year since Covid started to take over our lives and we are still here. Hours upon hours of tiktok and Netflix watched. I don’t know how much more I can take of Ryan’s World on Kids YouTube! We will just carry on doing our bit. Going on our family walks to the beach and the woods. Wearing our masks and doing all we can.

For anyone reading this.. my inbox is always open. My emails are always there. If anyone ever needs a chat, I am here. We will get there. Mental health is so important at the moment and this past year has certainly taken its toll.

We will get there. That’s all I can say.❤

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