My 2021 Goals

We all make goals at the beginning of the year and to be honest, I make them then forget them but number one goal this year is to keep at it!

With 2020 being a hard year, the hardest year most of us have ever had, I want to make 2021 the year, that 2020 wasn’t.

My 2021 goals are pretty clique. I want to save money, lose weight and work harder. I think everyone has very similar goals for the year.

But there are other goals that I have. I want to have family adventures that we didn’t have last year. I want to take more time for me. Be organised, I do try then it all goes wrong very quickly! Have more fun with the kids. Sometimes with the kids, we take things way to seriously!

One big goal is to redecorate the house apart from one room. We decorated our living at the beginning of 2020 but the rest of house needs a need lease of life so it is a big goal and I guess that goes along with saving money.

In terms of work goals. I don’t want to have goals when it comes to followers on the blog or social media. It used to be a goal but I have learnt that I need to put the work in to my writing more. I want to write more, alot more. Last year, I would go weeks sometimes without writing but I find blogging really helps with my mental health so writing more is important to me this year.

I have recently started my counselling with Pandora. I am having counselling for my experiences with Domestic Violence. This isn’t something that I have spoken about yet. But I will in time and I think it will be something that writing will help with too. It will help get it off my chest and it has been something that I have dealt with for pretty much all my life.

Being happy. Having fun. Being myself are all so so important to me too!

What are your 2021 goals?

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