Paddington Paw Pad & Learning Suitcase Review

“A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency”

We love Paddington, it is such a classic children’s story and it is lovely to have toys that tie in with books that we have at home. Learning through play really works for Elsa, Cleo and Brody. Cleo struggles with learning and communication so any toys that encourage her to learn in an easy way are ideal for us.

Over the last few weeks, we have been testing out the Paddington Paw Pad & Learning Suitcase. Cleo was very happy to test these out and was excited to play as soon as I took them out for their packaging.

Paddington Paw Pad

The Paddington Paw Pad is a great toy to encourage number and letter recognition. It has 3 interactive games that your children can join in with. The Paw Pad is handheld size, is bright and colourful and children will love how child friendly it is. It helps your child learn about shapes, numbers, letters, basic problem solving and picture recognition. Padding asks your child questions which they can answer using the buttons on the Paw Pad. The Paddington Paw Pad covers alot of learning for a child and it is great for their development.

Cleo loves how bright and colourful it is and the Paw Pad is the perfect size for her to use. It is the ideal size for us to take it out with us too. It will be great for car journeys and holidays. As a parent, I really like the Paw Pad, it encourages my children to learn while they play. They learn so much better when they don’t realise that they are doing it.

The Paddington Paw Pad is priced at £12.99 and is available from John Lewis.

Paddington Learning Suitcase

If you are looking for a larger version of the Paw Pad with more activities then the Paddington Learning Suitcase is ideal for your children. Just like the Paw Pad, the Learning Suitcase encourages learning through play. There are more activities on the suitcase so would be more ideal for a slightly older child. Children can have fun with Paddington’s suitcase and learn about numbers, colours, letters, the Brown family and more. The suitcase is the size of a tablet and again., like the Paw Pad is bright and colourful. The back of the suitcase looks like Paddingtons famous suitcase with a picture of Paddington and the famous PB on the back. On the front of the suitcase, Paddington lights up and the buttons are great fro fine motor skills.

I think Cleo prefers the Paddington Learning Suitcase as it is larger and she loves the light up Paddington. As a parent , I love the variety of the activities that your child can do with the Learning Suitcase.

The Paddington Leaning Suitcase is priced at £19.99 and is available from Amazon.

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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