Our experience with GoHenry – A prepaid visa card for kids!

Now before I start going in to our experience of a GoHenry card, I just thought I would add that this isn’t sponsored by GoHenry and is not an ad. We have received nothing in return for this post and GoHenry don’t even know that I am writing this. This will be an non bias review

GoHenry is a prepaid visa card for kids aged 6-18 years old. It has parental controls and can be used online, in card machines and at atms so is very much like a normal visa debit card.

Why did we choose GoHenry?

So Elsa saw GoHenry advertised on the TV and has actually been asking for one for a little while now but as they are for 6 years plus, we wanted to wait until her 6th birthday. I think for Elsa, she loved the idea of being like a grown up snd earning money that goes on to her bank card.

As her parents, we wanted her to learn about money and finances. The one thing that has swayed us though is covid. It sounds strange but because of the virus, we are not using cash or coins. So to make it safe and easy for us, we signed up for Elsa.

The GoHenry features

GoHenry cards have some really cool features. We decided to get Elsa a custom card that is pink with a footballer on and in the top light corner, it says GoElsa. Like a regular bank card it has all the card numbers and expiry date and looks just like a regular visa debit.

There is an app so you can check on the amount in the bank. Top up money to the card and transfer money from the account to the card.

The best features in our eyes though are the chores feature. I can set Elsa chores and if she completes them then I can check them off and she earns chore money that way. There is also a savings feature and a giving feature if you would like to donate money to charity.

For Elsa’s birthday, we shared her gift link so family could put her birthday money straight on to her card which is a brilliant feature as once again, we don’t have to worry about cash. Also it is easy for Elsa to keep an eye on her balance in her account.

How much is it?

I guess one of the differences from a regular bank is that you have to pay for GoHenry. It is £2.99 a month. So far, we think it is worth it. The account was super easy to make and it is so much more simple than a regular bank account and we love that aspect of it.

You get one free top up on to the GoHenry parent account every month and then every other top up is 50p. I would prefer it if it was one free top up a week instead of a month but it isn’t a deal breaker for us.

When you sign up, you can choose between a normal GoHenry card or a custom one. The custom ones are £4.99 but I do understand that charge.

What do we think?

So what do we think? Well, we love the GoHenry card and Elsa was so so happy when we signed up. It has encouraged her to be good and do her chores and she loves to save her money. So far she has saved her Christmas and birthday money and has actually brought herself a nintendo switch!

I am very proud of how much she loves to save and I hope that this encourages her to be financially confident in the future!

If you want to sign up to GoHenry then please us our referral code as you get £10 free and so does Elsa: https://check.out.gohenry.com/CviRr

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