Suspected ASD – Our Journey So Far Part 3!

Once again, it has been a few months since I last wrote a blog post about Cleo’s suspected ASD journey.

Just like my last post, quite a bit has happened since the last time I spoke about our journey. So even though we have been in lockdown and are still going through the pandemic, we seem to be having a lot of hospital appointments all of a sudden.

So far Cleo has 4 consultants at our local hospital. Audiology for her hearing as she had glue ear and they are still keeping an eye on her, physio for her sensory seeking, balance and walking, orthotics for her shoe insoles and a community paediatrician for her GDD and suspected ASD and pretty much anything else. Things seem to have escalated quickly!

We are still playing catch up either appointments so at the moment, we are having an appointment every month or so. Which for us as this time last year, Cleo didn’t have any, is alot of appointments.

So what’s happened?

Well, Cleo’s physio has been amazing and we are still doing her exercises and sensory brushes. We have come to the conclusion that Cleo has alot of excess energy so we are finding ways for her to burn that off!

When it comes to sleeping, Cleo is on medication! If you have read my past posts about our ASD journey then you will know that I wanted medication for sleeping to be the last thing that happened. It just got too much though for us a family and Cleo is now on melatonin in the evening. So far so good.

Hearing. Cleo’s glue ear is gone!!! We are so happy about that and they are still going to keep an eye on her but it means that she doesn’t need gromets.

We are currently waiting for Cleo’s insoles to be finished so we can go and collect them from the hospital then it is time to do some boot shopping.

Also coming up is Cleo’s blood test. I am dreading this. Cleo is going to be having genetics testing incase there is another reason why she is like the way that she is. I am just hoping that it all goes to plan.

There seems to be so many appointments at the moment and we are still getting used to be back at the hospital so much!

If you want to read my last 2 post then you can read them here:

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I will update you guys in a few months time with a part 4!

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