Influencers, Dubai and The Pandemic!

It sounds like a really crappy version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. But let’s talk influencers, Dubai and the pandemic!

Now, this post isn’t written to offended anyone but let’s be honest, if you have jetted off to Dubai during this Covid pandemic then what I write in this post is the least of your worries.

A few days ago, I had an interview with a local news paper to talk about what I thought on the ‘influencers’ that are going to Dubai for work.

The first thing I have to say on that is that I got so much hate for speaking up about it. Please bare in mind that I am completely against people jetting off abroad for any reason other than an emergency. So it didn’t really make sense to me that people basically attacked me for saying that it is wrong to go on holiday. But I do think that just calling yourself an influencer gets you grief.

Anyway, to the topic of holidays, pandemics and influencers.

I do not think for one second that there is any need to go abroad to take a few pictures for a brand and if I am being really honest, the brands are just as bad if they are encouraging it. I have seen influencers post for Benefit cosmetics and online clothes shops recently. All the content is shot in Dubai.

Is there really any need?

No there isn’t.

There are countless Love Islanders that have jetted off. Some who are friends with the NHS Dr Alex George who was on a series of Love Island. Guess what?

He is still working within the NHS and he is still posting on social media. Only he is posting to help people and their mental health.

I really hope these people in Dubai that have gone for what they call work don’t actually think that their followers like to see them sunbathing while our Doctors, Nurses and every other key worker is working so so hard. Some are seeing some horrendous things at the moment.

Yet these ‘influencers’ think that we want to see them stood in front of the Burj Khalifa or sat on a camel.

It is actually really disappointing that they thought it was ok. I get it. We have to make content to earn money. We have bills to pay but is there really a need to do it abroad?

People would have so much more respect for influencers if they didn’t do things like this. I hope that we aren’t all tarred with the same brush.

I want to help during the pandemic. I will support the UK and the NHS any way I can. I think everyone would love a sunny holiday at the moment.

We need to stick together as a nation at the moment but I really think these influencers and celebrities have let us down.

Please remember that not all bloggers and influencers are like this!

Check out my Lynn News interview here.

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