Children’s Mental Health And Lockdown. What Is The Affect?

I don’t think I am the only parent experiencing this at the moment but my children are not acting like their normal selves.

I talk about mental health alot and I am very open with it. I have spoken about it with my siblings and now I have started talking about it with Elsa as I think she is old enough to understand. Since the pandemic started, I have noticed slight changed in my children’s behaviour.

I guess not so much with Brody as he was only 5 months old when this whole thing began but definitely with Elsa and Cleo.

I do worry about Brody though, he hasn’t had a normal start in life. He was 5 months old and hasn’t really grown up with any of his extended family. I hope though for him, that he can see them all soon and get to know them.

Cleo doesn’t really understand what is going on. She just knows that we can’t see people at the moment but I don’t think it really affects her like it does Elsa.

Now to Elsa. Elsa has missed school and that is one thing that has affected her the most. He behavior has changed so much and some days she just seems to sad. Since we went in to lockdown yet again, it has got worse.

She was changing last year but this latest lockdown really has got to her.

The hardest thing about all of this is there is pretty much nothing that I can do about it. We do the school work, we go outside as much as possible for walks or to play and I try my hardest to keep her entertained but she still seems so sad and irritated all the time.

It has crossed my mind that it is more of a mental health issue than a growing up issue. We talk about it and Elsa now draws and writes about her feelings everyday and that is an easy way for her to tell me that it isn’t a good day.

To me, it is heartbreaking that these lockdowns are hurting children so much. We have them to save lives and save the NHS. They are needed. It is horrible to see children struggling with being indoors all the time and worrying.

So what is the affect on children?

I thought I would asked a few bloggers for their opinions and this is what they said:

My daughter doesn’t see this lockdown ever ending and the stress of everyone around her is rubbing off on her. She is missing her friends and just wants normal life to resume. She is lonely, bored and frustrated. It is difficult and unfortunately we as grown ups are struggling to find the right answers or words of advice sometimes other than things won’t be like this forever. Happy Family Hub

I’ve noticed a change in my boys. They are less motivated to engage with homeschooling, desperately missing their friends and bored to tears of cold, wet, walks. I can’t wait until there is a bit more normality for them. Rice Cakes and Raisins

My daughter started Reception in September so is much more aware now than the first lockdown when she was at nursery. She can’t understand why some children are at school and she’s not. Mummy’s Waisted

It’s definitely harder this time around. In the spring/ summer people were able to get out more and enjoy being outside but the cold and rain stops people and that definitely affects children’s mental health. Adventures Begin At Home

Absolutely! It’s dark when they finish, they’ve had a taste of being back and so miss their friends even more as they had thought everything was ok and back to normal and there is so much more online so they are spending more time behind a screen and still on their own. They are also missing out on the fresh air and exercise benefits of break and charging around with friends. Pink Pear Bear

Most definitely. Last time felt like a bit of a holiday! It was a novelty, us all being home together, we spent the time out in the garden and on walks and it was fun. This time I’ve noticed a huge increase in school work expectations and workplace expectations, meaning way more stress for all involved. There are more children in school meaning he’s aware that school is open but he can’t go. It’s not a novelty any more, it’s a grind and it’s been a long time for them. I’ve noticed emotional outbreaks, a resistance to go out places and nightmares, it’s horrible because you want to protect them and make it better but I have no idea how to do that! Devon Mama

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