Hello February!

What a month January was but I am ready for February! After all it is my birthday month!

So apart from being my birthday on the 17th and valentines day on the 14th. I am hoping for February to be a better month than January.

I think January is a rubbish month for everyone.

But anyway…February.

I am hoping for this month to be better in a lot of ways really. First off being with the pandemic, numbers of cases and deaths are crazy at the minute so fingers crossed that this month, things start to get better because we have the vaccines now. My Nan and Grandad are currently waiting for theirs!

Homeschooling. Oh…homeschooling. I’m going to be honest here. I am struggling. Alot. I am no teacher and I am attempting to juggle so much at the moment that I don’t feel like I can put everything in to it. I want to do it as Elsa needs some type of education but things are just on top of me at the moment. I need to get ahead of my self with other things so I can put my focus on to homeschooling for Elsa.

Now to mental health. It’s not the greatest at the moment. Being tired doesn’t help my mood at all and so far this year, I have been run off my feet. I feel like if I don’t stop soon then I am just going to fall down with exhaustion. But I will carry on and take one day at a time.

February will be the month that I am going to start writing about personal things in my life that I have never shared before. Just because I am back to using my blog as more of a diary for myself and I have some things that I want to write about to get it off my chest. These won’t be easy to write about.

All in all, I just hope February is a better month for everyone ❤

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