Our First Snow Day of 2021!

I am so glad that I am finally writing this and back to my old school blogging way of using it as a diary! I used to write like this all the time but anyway, we had our first snow day of 2021!!

It was a eventful day! My Mum is my childcare bubble so I go there so I can work and support my mum too. We walked to hers which isn’t too far but the snow made it a horrible walk. Thanks to the car that wouldn’t go this morning due to it being too cold!

This meant that Jonny couldn’t go in to work so the kids finally got a snow day with Daddy. He has never had a day off for snow and got to spend it with the kids before! To say they were excited was an understatement! Not just for snow but to have a day with their dad too!

I think the best thing about today was the fact that we didn’t have to worry about coronavirus. It is in our minds all the time so to be able to just let go and have fun was amazing.

Jonny and I went to the top of the hill and went sledging. Something we haven’t ever done together.

It has been a lovely day and I wanted to wrote this post so I could upload a photo or 2 and just write about it too. My blog is for my memories as well as to share things with its readers đź’™

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