What’s Next For The Coastal Mummy…

Don’t worry, I am not giving up blogging!

This year will be 5 years since I started blogging and writing, before this I didn’t write so I have come a long way in 5 short years.

Over the last 2 years though, I have discovered that a career in writing is what I want to do. I don’t have qualifications in writing, I just have the experience that the blog has allowed me to have. I have written a lot in the last 5 years and it has brought me so many incredible experiences.

I am not quitting blogging at all but I think it is time that I try and get my foot in the door so to speak in the world of writing beyond blogging.

Being a mum to 3 children and everything else that is going on at the moment, it isn’t easy to expand and branch out. To be honest, most days I am exhausted!

I am ploughing through though as this is what I want to do and having children doesn’t stop that. It might be harder and I have to organise my days and work in to the evenings but it is something that I want to do for myself.

I love writing and I have found this to my passion. 10 years ago, I would have never of dreamt of doing this but here we are.


I got it confirmed today that I am going to be writing a monthly Friday column in the Lynn News. I have been in the Lynn News a few times before but never written anything myself for them so this is a huge step for me but I am ready and so excited!

It is one step closer for me!

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