Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday!?

Whether you call it Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, it has been a delicious day!

As the kids get older, the more we ‘celebrate’ pancake day. This is Brody’s first year of actually being able to eat pancakes and he took full advantage of that!

I see pancake day as being less religious as Shrove Tuesday. Obviously the day has a religious story behind it. It is a feast day before lent starts.

Elsa is a huge pancake fan any day of the year so Pancake Day is definitely a day that she appreciates! Pancakes or Crepes, she is happy with either!

Toppings are a must though! Normally we would have a chocolate topping and potentially ice cream. This year, the kids wanted to go all out and so we used Jim Jams spread and vanilla ice cream!

Jim Jams spread is a healthier alternative to regular chocolate spreads so it is great for kids! They have a hazelnut spread, a dark chocolate hazelnut spread, a dark chocolate orange spread and a milk chocolate spread. We used dark chocolate orange and the chocolate hazelnut spread with Griddle Pancakes.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I use ready mixes when it comes to pancakes. It is just so much easier and the kids can get involved too but there is no worrying about measuring!

I think that Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday 2021 has been a huge and tasty success!

Disclaimer – Jim Jams and Griddle kindly sent us products to use on Pancake Day!

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