My Covid Vaccination Experience!

So I have had my Covid 19 Vaccine and on my birthday of all days!

It does seem strange to be writing about this as I thought it would be a while until I had my vaccine but here we are. My local Drs surgery phoned me up 2 days before my vaccination date and asked me to go to another surgery to have it. It shocked me to say the least that they phoned me but I am glad that they did. It is so necessary to have it so we can go back to some kind of normality.

I know that some people will read this and wonder why I got my vaccine early. At first, I didn’t know why and considering Jonny got it too, we weren’t sure why we had been called up to get it. When we got our vaccines though, we asked and it turns out we got it due to history of Asthma. Both Jonny and I, have got quite an history of it.

I am in two minds about us having the vaccine. I am so glad that we have had it but I can’t help but feel guilty that we may have taken a vaccine away from someone else. We had no idea that we would be called for it and the decision wasn’t ours to make. Our Drs made the decision and I think anyone would take the vaccine if they were offered it. I am so so glad that we have got it and I am so grateful that we have a health service that allows us to have this vaccine so fast and free.

So to my experience. I was worried to have it. I am not worried about having vaccinations but I think it was the idea of having a vaccine for something that has had such a huge impact on us. It does seem like a light at the end of the tunnel. A very very long tunnel though. I had the Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccine itself didn’t hurt. It is after that I have had side effect. I am writing this about 30 hours after I had my vaccine and I have felt rubbish. I have had all the common side effects. Achy body, headache, feeling sick, chills, sore throat, pretty much everything. It hasn’t been fun at all.


That doesn’t take any from the fact that I am so so happy that I have had the vaccine. Feeling like rubbish wouldn’t stop me having a vaccine or telling other people to have it either!

Everyone should go for their vaccine when they are called for it. It is going to save so many lives and hopefully get us out of this pandemic!

I will write another post in about 3 months after I have had my second vaccine to update on how it is going!

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