Exploring Locally – Holkham Beach

With everything that is going on with the Covid situation and lockdown, we are staying local. Not travelling too far and keeping safe while also having fun! We decided to go and explore Holkham Beach!

I’ve lived in the same area of Norfolk my whole life and I don’t have any plans on moving at all. We love it here and it is definitely our place.

Even though, we have been here our whole lives, there are still places that we want to explore more and some that, to be honest, we don’t visit enough even though they are on our doorstep.

Holkham Beach is one of these places. We don’t visit it enough.

Holkham Beach is named one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK and when you visit, you can see why! It is unspoilt, has the most amazing sand dunes and sandy beach. It is not far from Wells or Burnham Market.

I think I have been to Holkham Beach a handful of times. We visit the hall regularly and love walking around the hall grounds and woods but the beach is a place that we don’t really go. It can get busy at times but I think anywhere around the Norfolk Coast gets like this.

Our visit the past weekend was the kids first time with the 3 of them. We went once when Elsa was little but not since. I visited when he Royal Cavalry were there and that was an experience too!

Holkham Beach is great for kids. There is so much space for them and there is the woods to explore too.

Elsa, Cleo and Brody had so much fun and even had a splash in the water (even if it was the middle of Feb!). It was so quite and peaceful there.

We had an amazing time and it is definitely going to be our go to beach from now on. We will be making more of an effort to visit our local places and explore more of what is on our doorstep!

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