Binge worthy tv shows that you have to watch!

There are so many amazing shows on telly at the moment. Almost too many and it can be so difficult to find new ones to watch so I have created a list of the best shows that you need to watch!

Lately, I have been watching some of the best series and it is because I have seen so many people talking about it online. Take Bridgerton for example. It has broke records and the frenzy online has definitely helped! It is amazing and totally worth the binge watch!

I’ve spent the last week or so, I have been rewatching Sex In The City too! It had been years and I now remember how amazing that is too!

But what are some binge worthy must watch shows?!

Peaky Blinders! This show has it all, I must have watched it 4 or 5 times! Superb acting, excellent storylines and Tom Hardy too! – Best Lodges With Hot Tubs

Schitts Creek. It is honestly the most hilarious thing I’ve watched this year. – A Rose Tinted World

Bridgerton! As one of the most watched shows on Netflix lately its a must see. Pre warning about episode 6 onwards though… maybe don’t watch with your parents. – Adventures Begin At Home

We are watching Teachers on Netflix at the moment. I was at uni at the time it was aired back in the early 2000s, so never got round to watching it. Loving the soundtrack – as an indie kid, it’s perfect. I’m also a teacher, so it has huge cringe factor for me wondering why on Earth they think they’d get away with some of the things they do! An easy watch, but funny and addictive too. – Blossom Education

Greys anatomy – this is the best show ever, and will keep you busy once you get into it as there are so many seasons 🥰 – In The Playroom

Gilmore Girls is my ultimate go-to series for binge watching. I’ve watched it from start to finish so many times and its such a lovely comforting show. – Might Mama Bear’s Book Blog

This Is Us, Amazon Prime, although it’ll make you cry – Big Family, Big Fun

Definitely not for children – we are currently binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Amazon Prime. It’s pretty freaky, but once you start it’s hard to stop as you NEED to find out if everything will be ok. – 3 Little Buttons

We binge watched Line Of Duty and loved it. It’s so gripping and addictive. The new series will be coming soon so now is the perfect time to binge watch the previous ones. – Mighty Mama Bear

Mad Men – love it so much – brilliant characterisation and I love looking at the 1950s fashion and advertising. – Thimble and Twig

I binge watched It’s A Sin, only 6 episodes but every one will make you wanting more. It’s amazing! – Readaraptor Hatchling

Game of Thrones, by far one of the greatest TV shows of all time, once you start you won’t want to stop. – Our Favourite Jar

Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. It’s a great cast with a superb storyline, you’ll be hooked to find out what happens, and you’ll never be able to predict it! – Mummy’s Waisted

Jane the Virgin! It’s such an easy watch and with the episodes being short you can fit them in whenever. There’s lots of twists and really funny. – The Mum Diaries

The flight attendant on Netflix. Couldn’t stop watching. The suspense, interesting plot twist, investigation, mystery and unexpected finale. Definitely worth a watch. – Cosmo Mum

Modern Family! So funny and feel-good, but with loads of great messages behind the episodes too. You watch the same families over 11 series so you really fall in love with them! – Emily and Indiana

What’s your favourite show?!

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