The Next Step In Getting Over Abuse From A Parent

A month or so ago, I spoke about the abuse I experienced from a parent. You can read the post here. There is a trigger warning for that post and this one.

During the time that wrote that post, I had started my counselling from the Pandora Project. If you don’t know what that is, the Pandora Project is a organisation that helps women and children that are affected by domestic abuse in the West Norfolk, North Norfolk and Swaffham area.

I have now finished my counselling and it feels amazing to have finally got somewhere. The abuse that I experienced was pretty much my whole life up until the age of 24 so that is alot of trauma to overcome. It is going to take sometime but Pandora have helped so much. They have shown me new ways of coping and helping with the trauma. Myself, my Mum and my sister have had help from Pandora now. We are so grateful for the help that we have received from them!

So this is one big step in my journey of overcoming abuse from a parent. This counselling might be over but I know it is going to take a while to overcome it completely. My Dad being violent was all I ever knew and to be that was ‘normal’ even when I was 24. It isn’t something that I am going to be able to be ok about over night and I am ok with that fact. I would rather take my take to get over this so it doesn’t affect my life anymore than it needs too from now on. Growing up, I just thought that what my Dad did was ‘normal’. I didn’t realise it was wrong until I was an adult and even then, he convinced use that his behaviour was ok and gave reason to it. At the end of the day, there is no reason for abuse or violence.

I do feel like I need to pop open a bottle of bubbly. It is one step to closer to getting over what happened to me and I am so proud of myself for that!

My Dad ruined enough of my life with abuse and violence. It is time for me to take control and forget him and live my life. I will overcome it.

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